Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2739 15.5.1943

Belief in the power and might of God ....

Faith in the power and might of God has become an empty concept to people, otherwise they would like to lead a different life. But in this way they completely lack the fear of God. Insofar as they still believe in a God as a creating power, this divinity is completely distant from them because they believe themselves to be completely independent of it. Consequently, they are not afraid that God could call them to account and that they would feel His might and power, on earth or in the beyond.

They deny any connection as soon as they are seriously made aware of the fact that God makes certain demands on people which have to be fulfilled. They believe neither in the power nor in the love of God, i.e. neither in a punishment nor in a reward for their earthly life. They only recognise the power of God as the origin of the creation of nature.

And the less faith in God's strength and power is represented amongst humanity, the less the Christian teaching of love will be followed, for everyone only seeks to assert his own power and strength because he considers himself to be the highest being in natural creation and thus wants to command, i.e. wants to subjugate the weak, in the wrong idea that he is master as soon as he feels physically superior to his fellow human being.

Believing in God's strength and power, the human being would feel small and his fellow human beings likewise, which causes him to help the latter as a brother and not to elevate himself above him as master. Only very few people feel dependent on a Being Who is exceedingly powerful and mighty, and these also consciously submit themselves to Him. They surrender themselves to His guidance and are now also guided by His will ...., whereas the faithless always let their own will prevail, thus they segregate themselves, i.e. they maintain their resistance against God because they do not acknowledge Him.

God does indeed make Himself known to them by always and constantly bringing His strength and power to bear in everything that surrounds the human being and also in the human being himself. For nothing would be without God's strength, nothing could happen without His power .... And the human being should already recognise from this alone that he cannot deny this might and power of a higher Being, for he himself is unable to create anything from within himself which surrounds him.

But he ignores this clear proof, or else he imagines himself as a human being to be completely isolated from the creating power. He does not recognise that it also encompasses him, he does not recognise any entity with which he himself stands in indissoluble connection. And therefore God also regards him as distant from Him, and He cannot turn His emanation of love towards him, yet He occasionally lets him feel His might so that he will learn to recognise Him .....

Yet this, too, will always take place within the framework of naturalness, so that the human being is not forced to believe. He will always be able to find a purely natural explanation if God's might and power expresses itself in him in such a way that his own might and power is shaken. And yet, this faith is absolutely necessary if the human being wants to live an earthly life in accordance with God's will. For only when he acknowledges a Being which is highly above him, Which is perfect in everything and which therefore also has to be exceedingly powerful and mighty, does he try to assimilate himself to It through spiritual striving. He strives upwards because he recognises himself to be in the abyss, he seeks to establish contact with Her in order to be able to receive strength from Her which facilitates this ascent. ....

Thus he leads a way of life which corresponds to God's will. For since he believes he not only fears the eternal Deity but he also loves Her and seeks to make himself worthy of Her love .... As soon as he strives towards God he is seized by His love and He reveals Himself to people as eternal love Which desires him as Your living creation.



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