Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2742 16.5.1943

Religious organisations ....
Transience ....

The complete disintegration of religious organisations will not be long in coming. People are already too far removed from spiritual striving for religious institutions to mean much to them, and if the latter are to be dissolved by earthly measures they will not resist but still support these measures by tacitly tolerating them.

Only those people will rebel who, even if they can be called devout, are not yet inwardly minded enough to recognise that spiritual higher development is not dependent on human institutions. For they are still too attached to externals, to traditional actions, which for them is the epitome of religious feeling. They have not yet penetrated deeply enough into spiritual knowledge, otherwise they would remain untouched by those measures which can certainly destroy the outer shell, but never the inner core. For this can come to maturity far sooner without the shell, which is in any case only human work and does not very much favour spiritual higher development. The many organisations have not been able to produce any great spiritual successes, for humanity has become ever more de-spiritualised in spite of these human institutions, so the elimination of them will not mean a decline in spiritual development.

On the other hand, it will become clear to what extent the individual now makes it his business to strive spiritually, for only this is of true value before God. People should be made to believe in a loving, wise and omnipotent Creator and His expression of will, the divine commandments, should be proclaimed to them. ....

And truly no organisations are necessary for this, as they have arisen on the part of man. These teachings can always be proclaimed to people everywhere as soon as a person is knowledgeable and wants to pass on his knowledge to his fellow human beings with love. But if people are completely inaccessible to such teachings, then they will fall on their ears, just as, conversely, the willing human being is receptive and will always make an effort to follow the teachings.

The human race of the present time, however, turns away from everything spiritual, not least because these worldly-church organisations do not appeal to them, because they only see the work of man in them and the core remains closed to them, which would justify these institutions. Too much importance is attached to the outward appearance, and consequently they seek to destroy that which displeases man.

Everything will fall victim to earthly measures, even the efforts to spread the truth will be stopped, which is a sign of de-spiritualised humanity which no longer wants to accept anything that lies outside of the earthly. And yet God allows all these human encroachments, on the other hand they are suitable to make people think.

And this will be successful with those who were still too lukewarm and external and are now forced to take a stand. The followers are still without their own opinion, but then they will have to stand up for themselves, they will have to clarify their relationship with God standing outside the organisation, they will have to seek the connection with God themselves, and their way of life will have to correspond to God's will, which is sufficiently known to every person and which they only need to fulfil in order to also feel connected to God and to belong to His church, which is not to be understood worldly but spiritually.

People will have to expect great changes, for the time of decision is drawing ever closer and everything God has proclaimed in Word and Scripture .... still has to come to pass first. "not one stone will be left upon another ...." Nothing that exists will remain because it was created by human beings and the work of human beings is transient ....



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