Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2746 19.5.1943

Godhood ....
Your Activity in the Hereafter ....

The human being should strive forward and not remain on his level of development. The short earthly life has been given to him for perfection; his soul shall mature in order to be released from its last external fetter. The human being who is not aware of this, who closes himself off to the knowledge of it when it is offered to him, does not use his earthly life strength for the actual purpose, and therefore lives earthly life in vain. Although he has the opportunity to mature in the beyond he will never be able to make up for the time he missed on earth, for the spiritual success of a correctly used earthly life is completely different from that which he can achieve in the beyond through a laborious ascent.

A life on earth in accordance with God's will earns the soul the childship to God, it can attain the highest perfection on earth, it can shape itself into a being of light which may enjoy all the glories of eternal life .... Becoming a child of God is only possible for beings which have lived their earthly life in faithful fulfilment of God's commandments, in the practice of unselfish neighbourly love and righteous conduct before God for love of Him. The childship to God is the entitlement to all child rights, and the child of God has restored the right relationship as it existed in the primordial beginning .....

It will be able to create and shape its being through its own strength, it will be perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect ..... A being will never reach this degree of perfection if it did not live on earth in accordance with divine will and thus developed ascendently. It can certainly remedy its deficient state in the beyond, even then it can still work on itself and become a recipient of light and strength, thus it can also achieve a high degree of bliss, but its activity in the beyond is completely different from that of the true children of God .....

These receive strength directly from God and their abundance of light is inconceivable .... Their will is equal to the accomplished deed, because with the strength flowing to them from God they are able to do whatever they want, and thus they can create and shape like God. They are a part of God themselves, they emerged from His strength and returned to the elementary strength again and, through their fusion with the elementary strength, became exceedingly powerful angelic beings, because the will and the thought remained with them and they are therefore free, self-aware beings of light which are now exceedingly creatively active. Every thought becomes action because it conforms to God's will and the power to carry it out is constantly at its disposal.

Creating and shaping is the most delightful activity because it is also based on profound love, love for the unredeemed, to which the spiritual beings full of light, the children of God, again give new possibilities for redemption by constantly letting new creations come into being as a cover for the still unredeemed spiritual beings so that they can develop upwards.

The children of God are permeated by profound wisdom, the purpose and goal of every work of creation is known to them, and they also know about the degree of maturity of every being which is allowed to embody itself in creation on earth, and therefore also about the most appropriate means for maturing. And they can use every means themselves, they can want it and also accomplish it, they can let every thought become a work, they are completely unhindered in their creation, always filled by God's strength, and their will is equal to God's will .....

And they are also in complete harmony with each other because love is everywhere in the kingdom of light, which is the strength from God. God's love permeates all beings and impels them into ever more active activity, it urges the beings of light towards each other, towards unification, and since they are all animated by God-like will to let new creations arise in order to redeem the imperfect, divine strength continuously flows into the universe. It constantly generates new creations which are received and implemented by the beings of light as God's thought and which therefore testify to God's unsurpassable wisdom and His immense love again, because the creators and shapers of those are in closest contact with God who always and constantly fulfilled His will on earth as well as in the beyond ....



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