Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2753 25.5.1943

Spiritual Treasures ....
Mindsets ....
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Spiritual thought is a possession of everlasting value, it is something permanent which cannot diminish but only increase; it is a treasure which every person can lift and which can never be taken away from him. And people should desire nothing else than this good, and yet it is striven for very little. Whoever possesses it well appreciates its value, but if he wants to help his fellow human being to the same good he will be disbelievingly rejected and his gift left unnoticed.

Spiritual good cannot be arbitrarily transferred to a fellow human being if it is not desired by the latter. Those who long for spiritual good will be allowed to receive it; it will often be offered to them in a miraculous way, and it will bring them rich treasures. Nor will it ever become less even though the human being gives it away, his spiritual wealth will not be diminished by the giving but rather increased, because the offering of spiritual treasures is a work of love which inevitably results in love and grace again, which is synonymous with the increased supply of spiritual thought material.

And therefore the human being should strive for nothing but spiritual wealth and only fulfil the earthly as far as it is demanded of him, for increasing earthly possessions is unwise since they lose all value at the moment of death. What is desirable on earth will only ever serve the body's well-being, spiritual thought material, however, touches the soul and can therefore also only bring benefit to the soul; and therefore spiritual treasures must also be received by the soul and felt as a benefit.

Spiritual possessions will also never be dead possessions, i.e. possessions which remain unused, which as dead possessions are not a blessing to anyone, but their owner will constantly be active and work with these spiritual possessions. He will constantly give it away and at the same time increase his possessions, he will always be able to receive new goods so that his possessions will never be used up.

And only the human being's will is enough to lift these spiritual treasures and acquire wealth which is of value for eternity, which is imperishable because its origin is the spiritual kingdom, which is everlasting and eternal. And people could be immeasurably rich if they used their will correctly to receive spiritual thought material, for it outweighs all earthly things many times over.

And the true value will only be recognised in eternity where only spiritual riches will be valid and the poverty of someone who only strives for earthly possessions will be truly recognisable. Again, the soul's will must be ready to accept spiritual goods, otherwise its fate in the beyond will be a very meagre and sad one. But if it lacks the will, spiritual possessions cannot be handed to it, whereas in earthly life they are offered to every person and the human being's will only needs to decide whether to accept them.

For this reason the human being on earth is far better off, since God's grace time and again gives him the opportunity to acquire spiritual treasures, that he is constantly influenced by the beings of light to turn his thoughts towards spiritual things, and that spiritual thought material is also imparted to him by his fellow human beings if he does not completely reject it.

And the events around him can also cause him to let his thoughts wander into the spiritual realm ..... He is always and everywhere offered the opportunity to lift spiritual treasures and increase his possessions, if only he is willing. In the beyond, however, his will must demand that nothing else be offered to him, and this will must first prove itself through willingness to help, that is, through loving activity. Only then does it depend on when his spiritual poverty can be remedied through spiritual good ..... And only then can the soul work with its wealth and donate happiness as well as feel happiness. It can be constantly active, it can distribute and receive spiritual good and be blissfully happy ....



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