Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2758 29.5.1943

Leading the Power of God in the Struggle of Faith ....

The current of power which God directs to earth in the form of His Word has an extraordinary effect insofar as it trains courageous and faithful fighters who will stand up for God and His teachings before the whole world in the coming battle of faith. For in order to be able to fulfil this task, in order to fight for Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world, the believers must be especially educated, which is only possible through the transmission of the divine Word.

The spiritual exchange from earth to the beyond introduces the human being to a knowledge which enables him to withstand every faith-destroying onslaught of the world. For man must first become knowledgeable before he can successfully fight the battle for faith. The fact that people of the present time lack all knowledge is also the reason for their lack of faith and their disenchanted, God-opposing way of life, and only if people make an effort to penetrate knowledge again, if they listen to the Word offered to them and live accordingly, will the coming battle of faith bring them great blessings.

But the world will take rigorous action against all those who stand up for faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour of the world. And this is the time of decision for all people which God will let precede the last Judgment, which is so significant that everyone should strengthen himself by receiving His Word in order not to waver when the decision is demanded of him. The pure Word of God is blessed with His strength, consequently extraordinary strength will be supplied to the human being if he needs it .....

He will be able to speak without fear and undaunted and hold the truth up to the opponents, through his convinced speech he will also win some of them for the kingdom of God, i.e. his speeches will sound convincing and take root in the hearts of those who are not yet completely blinded, and they will change and join the camp of God's fighters.

God knows about the individual person's weakness of will, and where He can still win a soul for Himself He also directs the flow of strength of His Word there in order to bring him help, since he cannot make up his own mind. And therefore people are first taught by God who consciously place themselves at His disposal and thereby make themselves capable for the teaching activity which God Himself trains them for. They have to be instructed in such a way that everything is understandable to them, that they need not fear any counter-objections which they could not refute. They must grow in their faith in God's love, omnipotence and wisdom through continuous instruction in order to then also be able to speak convincingly for it when God is to be completely denied.

The battle which the world will wage against those who are faithful to God will have less effect on people who are well instructed in the truth, for they constantly receive strength from God which enables them to endure and overcome everything that is done against them. And they accept the strength with His Word, which He conveys to earth now and forever, so that people who open themselves to His Word will grow stronger in faith in Him. For His love will not leave without strength and help those who want to fight for Him ....



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