Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2760 31.5.1943

Purpose of the divine commandments ....
Eternal bliss ....

The fulfilment of the divine commandments is the first condition for a God-pleasing way of life. But the divine commandments only require the human being's love, thus the human being's way of life should be a continuous activity of love .... the final purpose of earthly life is to become similar to God, Who is love in Himself; and since the human being is without knowledge when he begins his earthly life, the divine commandments, which require a continuous activity of love, are given to him as a guideline for his earthly life, and it is left to his free will to arrange his life accordingly. However, no human being can become blissfully happy without love, thus the ultimate purpose of the divine commandments is to be able to enter into eternal bliss. ....

God gave His commandments in order to grant people great happiness which lasts forever, because without love no human being can become blissfully happy. He should become on his own as the entry into the kingdom of light requires, yet he is powerless and his ignorance would not be the impetus to shape his soul for the spiritual kingdom himself either. And therefore God gives His commandments to the human being so that he will be nourished with strength by fulfilling them and his ignorant state will change into a knowing one.

For as soon as he has become knowledgeable he shapes himself, i.e. out of inner impulse, into God-likeness, he seeks to assimilate himself to the eternal Deity, which again can only happen through loving activity. Then he no longer needs the divine commandments because, as soon as his heart is capable of love, it urges him to practise love because the strength from God continues to flow over him and this strength drives him to act in love. Thus the divine commandments are only a means that the ignorant human being is urged to receive strength, that he therefore first testifies to his will and God can give him according to this will.

The divine commandments are the indication of the right path, for he will only take this path through loving activity, initially still unaware of the spiritual success which, however, will result in increasingly brighter realisation, which is proof of the strength flowing to the human being from God ..... God wants to educate people to love, and He gives them His commandments which only demand love ....

As long as the human being is still distant from God he feels these commandments as a burden because he does not know love himself. But if he is urged to observe these commandments he will also feel that he is getting closer to God, so that he will fulfil God's commandments ever more voluntarily because he will be strengthened by the strength from God and his spirit will be enlightened. And therefore he should be educated to work of love, so that the latter will then be exercised in all freedom of will and earn the human being the state of knowledge, of realisation, which makes him able to enter the spiritual kingdom.

Loving activity is the only path to God, and this path is shown to people through the divine commandments, but their fulfilment is never compulsorily demanded. If the human being wants to disregard them he will remain in a dark spiritual state; he will by no means be forced to practise love, he will only be repeatedly admonished through suffering and struggles during his earthly life to be lovingly active because God does not want to abandon him to his ruin.

Therefore the divine commandments will be held up to him time and again, time and again his thinking will be influenced and time and again he will be placed in situations where he can carry out deeds of love so that he can test the effect of his loving activity on himself ...., because his spiritual state depends on the fulfilment of the commandments and his entry into eternal beatitude depends on it.



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