Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2762 1.6.1943

"Open your hearts to ...."

Open your hearts wide and be ready to receive Me in the Word .... and let your will become active, for only if you sincerely want Me to stay with you will you also be strong enough to shape yourselves as My presence requires. My Word testifies to My love, and you must also be full of love if My love is to make you happy. Your heart must beat towards Me full of love and long for Me, only then can I dwell with you in the Word, I can speak to you as My children and make you happy through My nearness. Therefore open your hearts, want Me to be close to you, get ready to receive Me and become lovers .....

Nothing else can unite you with Me but love, for if you live in love you will be like Me, Who is love Myself. Love should fill your whole heart, love for your neighbour should express love for Me, then I will be with you with all My love and you will be Mine forever.

And this is your task on earth, that you shape yourselves into love, that you practise humility, gentleness, peacefulness and patience, that you always take Me and My way of life on earth as an example and thus follow Me through a life you lead, just as I have led it .... in merciful neighbourly love.

This is your task on earth for which I will give you strength if you request it and open yourselves to the flow of strength which flows to you through My Word, through My divine gift of grace, which is always and forever imparted to My living creations who shape themselves into love, thus turn their will towards Me and want to be close to Me and express this through loving activity. My Word is the inexhaustible flow of strength which flows down to you humans. And anyone who has My Word, who awakens it to life within himself, is permeated by My strength and now strives towards Me with all his senses, he carries out what I instruct him to do through My Word, he fulfils My commandments and his soul matures, for now he does not lack strength because he constantly receives it from Me.

And My love for you knows no limits, and therefore the flow of strength will never run out, therefore I will always and forever descend to people in the Word in order to lift them up to Me through the strength of My love, through the strength of My Word, for anyone who has My Word pushes towards Me, because love, which is My share, is also in him and wants to unite with Me. Open your hearts wide and grant My love entrance .... prepare a dwelling place for Me in you so that I can move in and take effect in you .... And you will already be blissfully happy on earth ....

My love offers you incomparably more beautiful things than the world can offer you, My love sets you free from all bondage, My love gives you eternal life in all power and glory .... Yet you must want to receive this love of Mine because I cannot consider you without your will, because I want to call free creations My own and cannot influence you through coercion for the sake of your bliss. And therefore behold Me with all your senses, do not seek the world and its pleasures but look for your true life, your true joy with Me, Who can give you abundantly if you grant Me entrance into your heart .....

Let Me speak to you in the Word and give you strength, let Me dwell within you and be close to you as a constant companion, and you will never feel the burden of earth again, you will be guided by Me on safe paths towards the eternal home - the kingdom I have prepared for you ....



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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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As a native English speaker with a love and understanding of these revelations, you have the right qualifications to help further translate this great work and participate in its dissemination. Your possible cooperation is expected with pleasure.

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