Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2763 1.6.1943

Indeterminacy of earthly goods ....
Their Destruction ....

So that you don't lose yourselves to the world, God wants to show you how impermanent the world's goods are and how little value they have because they can be taken from you from one day to the next. Your thoughts and aspirations are only directed towards earthly goods and you spend most of your life's energy on increasing them, yet they are dead goods which you strive for, with which you can do nothing when you leave this earth. Either you have to leave the goods of the world behind at the time of your physical death or you will already lose them beforehand.

And the latter is a grace from God .... a grace which He grants you so that you may still come to know. He takes earthly possessions from you, i.e. He takes what your heart is attached to by having it destroyed or annihilated, so that you should now recognise that they were only sham possessions whose possession appealed to you and that they are transient. Only when you have recognised this will you turn your attention to imperishable goods, and then the work of destruction was a blessing.

And this is God's first purpose, that people gain the realisation that their striving should be for other goods. And therefore He takes much from you to which your heart still clings, He places you poor and destitute in the world, and then you should prove yourselves, you should willingly separate yourselves from what God takes from you, you should desire nothing earthly but only desire what comes from the spiritual kingdom, and then you will also have spiritual success, and earthly life will also become much easier, for then you will no longer need such evidence of the worthlessness of earthly goods, it is no longer a danger for you, consequently you may possess them; for there is only danger if your heart is chained to matter, if its love is wrong, if it turns to that which the human being should despise in earthly life, and if he forgets his soul over it, which is entrusted to him, for whose shaping he is responsible.

And therefore infinitely much will still be taken from people, they will have to give up everything, and they will be inconsolable and despairing when everything passes away before their eyes. This work of destruction is also only a work of love by God because everything is and only happens for the human being's soul so that it learns to recognise its actual task, so that it collects spiritual treasures and leaves earthly possessions unnoticed.

The spiritual treasures will last for all eternity, and only when the human being willingly gives up earth and its pleasures will his heart be ready for gifts of a different kind, for spiritual gifts which are offered to him through the love of the Father Who wants to win back His children. For he only recognises the value of these gifts once he has recognised the worthlessness of earthly goods, and then he strives with all his senses for spiritual goods ....



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