Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2769 9.6.1943

Request for Power ....
Grace - Prayer ....

Request the strength from Me for your path of earthly life .... Know that you are weak creatures without this strength and that you live earthly life without will or with a wrong will if you rely on yourselves and don't believe that you need My help. And therefore I call to you: Do not cease to request the strength you lack in prayer so that I can help you.

I could certainly let this strength flow to you unbidden in order to make earthly life easy for you, but then you would only live it for your physical comfort, you would take and enjoy what the world offers you and completely disregard your spiritual development. But this would not correspond to My wisdom and My love, for earthly life would then not be able to produce creatures similar to Me. You would eternally remain on the same level, for the will for the world would eliminate all spiritual striving and this process of development would have to continue in the beyond under extremely difficult conditions.

And My love for you wants to prevent this. Therefore it constantly admonishes you as long as you still live on earth. Time and again I call to you through My Word: By making use of My grace, of My means of help, try to place yourselves into a state on earth which brings you close to Me, which secures My emanation of strength for you .... call upon Me so that I can assist you if you need help; and you will always be in need of My support ....

Earthly life is a constant struggle if it is to help you attain spiritual maturity .... Earthly life is a struggle or a service in love .... If you do the latter, you will not have to struggle so much, for then you will fulfil your purpose of earthly life .... and prepare yourselves for eternity through loving service. But if you fail to serve with love you will have to develop yourselves through suffering and hardship, through all kinds of struggles, you will have to recognise your own weakness in order to find Me in prayer .....

You cannot mature without Me, you absolutely have to establish the bond with Me in order to receive the strength from Me which enables your maturing. And you must constantly work on yourselves, you must strive to fulfil My will and thereby shape your soul into My image .... You must be humble, merciful, gentle and patient if you want to become like Me, if you want to draw close to Me and receive My emanation of love.

And in order to be able to accomplish this work on yourselves you must call upon Me for help. .... I Am always on the path with My gift of grace and offer it to you, yet you must stretch out your hands for it, you must desire and receive My gift of grace with supplication and gratitude, then you will powerfully cover your path of earthly life and this path will lead you upwards .... to Me and to your eternal life. .... to Me and to the eternal home where every battle has come to an end, where My living creations revel in supreme bliss through loving service, because they are now most intimately united with Me and My emanation of love will always and forever make them happy. ....



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