Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2772 13.6.1943

Pre-requisites of inner enlightenment ....

The grace of inner enlightenment will always be the result of unselfish activity of love, thus such must always precede where God comes to people through His spirit in the Word. He pours out His spirit upon those people who strive to live entirely according to His commandments, who are therefore lovingly active and thereby intimately unite with God, so that He can use them as His instruments and now speaks through them as if He dwells amongst them. God speaks to people and conveys the Gospel to them, He instructs them of His will and introduces them to extraordinary knowledge, He enlightens their spirit, as He promised during His life on earth.

But the human being must also be prepared accordingly so that God's spirit can work in him. He must then listen to the inner voice which announces itself to him at all times. He must switch off everything earthly from his thoughts and long for the connection with the spiritual world; he must make himself ready as a receiving device for the radiation from God, which flows uninterruptedly into the universe. To a certain extent the whole spiritual kingdom is involved insofar as the spiritual beings, who are perfect and therefore God-connected, receive God's emanation and now pass it on into the human heart so that the soul can now be imparted what the spirit in it receives from the spiritual kingdom.

The more intimately the human being joins God through loving activity and humble prayer, the clearer and more understandable he will hear God's voice within himself for his inexpressible joy and happiness. For what he has received he may keep and, as it were, utilise by imparting it to his fellow human beings. And this transmission will also be under the protection of the divine spirit, since the human being is likewise enlightened in spirit if he wants to instruct his fellow human being, so that he cannot pass on anything wrong but only distribute the pure truth, because the spirit of God protects him from erroneous teachings. How easy it is for the human being to acquire the pure truth, and how little use is made of this privilege ....

God has promised His Spirit to all those who love Him and keep His commandments .... His commandments, however, are to love Him and one's neighbour with all one's heart. The fulfilment of these commandments results in an inconceivable blessing, for the human being no longer only lives on earth but can enter the spiritual kingdom at any time and take the treasures of the spiritual kingdom with him to earth. Everything earthly falls away from him as soon as he enters the spiritual kingdom. And God's love takes pity on the earthly child's ignorance and guides it into all truth ....

And only truth can make the human being happy, only truth can guarantee his soul's higher development, for truth is strength from God which unites the person to whom it flows with God. And therefore the human being must first be active in love in order to be able to receive the truth, in order to be enlightened by God's spirit and to be able to brightly and clearly recognise what truth is ..... God sends His spirit upon all people who live in love and desire to hear the voice of God; and He introduces them to truth through His spirit ....



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