Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2774 14.6.1943

Regression ....
Spiritual and earthly decay ....

That humanity has regressed is evident from the fact that it takes no offence at the extent of the unkindness which characterises the present time. Hardly does it even take notice, for as long as people are not themselves affected, they only take cursory notice, but never take an open stand against it. And this does not testify to love for fellow human beings, on the contrary, it is the evidence of a retrogression which needs no other proof.

Love should be striven for on earth and precisely the opposite is the case .... people outdo each other in cruelty which soon can no longer be surpassed. And if this state is not to extend to the whole of humanity then God Himself has to put a stop to it before everything is destroyed by unkindness. And this period of time will soon come when the old will fall. The earthly destructions, i.e. the destructions caused by human will, bear witness to people's disenchanted state, and it is difficult to believe that those people could still convert, for they have already fallen too deeply into the adversary's nets. Only profound prayer to God will give these souls the necessary strength, and with good will they can still free themselves in the last hour.

And in this adversity God sends His messengers to strengthen the souls, who convey the Word of God to people, repeatedly admonish them to love and make them aware of the consequences of the right as well as the wrong way of life. As long as they have not completely fallen prey to the adversary they will pay attention to this Word which can also be mentally conveyed to them. They will learn to detest their fellow human beings' unkindness, they will endeavour to cultivate love on their part and thereby also be educated to become knowledgeable creatures ...., for God needs servants on earth, and the flock of His fighters is truly not large .....

And yet, God allows destruction on the part of people, He allows them to suffer unspeakably, to have all possessions destroyed or taken away from them, because these destructions will have an indescribable effect and are a better means of education than the divine Word if it is not received with a loving heart. For people pay attention to such destructions but not always to the divine Word.

For even people's unkindness can still work as a means of education so that they detest their fellow human beings' behaviour and make an effort to live differently themselves, and this is already a step towards improvement. Only one thing can still save people from spiritual decay, that they recognise themselves in the mirror of humanity's great injustice, that they seriously strive for a change and direct their thoughts towards the actual purpose on earth and towards their end .... that they think of life after death and commend themselves to their Creator in recognition of their own weakness .....

Then God will take pity on them and guide them through the confusion of time, He will give them all help and make them receptive for His Word, which will be offered to them again and again in the last days, so that they will come to realisation. For there is only a short time of grace left which has to be utilised. Yet only a few will find the path to God, for unkindness has taken over and this is the surest sign of the end, of spiritual and earthly decay ....



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