Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2780 19.6.1943

The Radiance of God's Love ....
His Word ....

God's direct radiation to an earthly child, which expresses itself in the reception of His Word, is a visible sign that the creatures are in the closest connection with their Creator, that God will therefore never again let go of what He has created, that it certainly appears to be isolated in creation but is always and constantly guided by His will, cared for by His care and fed by His strength, thus remains inseparably connected to Him.

The human being is not able to recognise the allocation of strength and divine care until he is fully aware of his affiliation to God; then, however, God sometimes manifestly announces Himself, i.e. He visibly manifests His emanation of strength through the extraordinary transmission of spiritual gifts which provide information about His love, wisdom and omnipotence and His divine activity. God expresses Himself by letting His Word flow to an earthly child which has profoundly recognised its belonging to God and now places itself at His disposal with devotion. And from this it can be seen what great value is to be attached to such proclamations because they testify to God's direct activity.

Admittedly, people who want to deny the connection between the Creator and His living creations will also oppose God's activity with unbelief; they will never acknowledge the flow of strength from the spiritual kingdom, and consequently the spiritual results will not be proof for them that God is in closest contact with His living creations. But no more compelling proof can be given to them either; the human being has to gain the knowledge himself, for which he is given enough opportunity if he just looks around attentively.

But He cannot express Himself more obviously than when He Himself descends to earth in the Word, i.e. imparts His divine Word directly to an earthly child in order to enlighten humanity through it. He speaks to people like a Father to His children, He instructs them like a teacher to his pupils, He brings Himself so close to them that they must recognise Him if only they are willing ..... But He does not force Himself upon them .... For His gift is exceedingly precious and He wants it to be desired. And therefore He cannot convince people who do not want to acknowledge His extraordinary working.

He constantly gives, and His gift can be recognised as soon as the human being's will does not oppose it before it has been examined. For the receipt of gifts from above is an unusual process which must presuppose a strength which has not yet been fathomed earthly; and the human being must acknowledge a spiritual strength which is the originator of that which is imparted to people as God's Word.

And this strength is God's direct emanation through which He reveals Himself to those who want to recognise Him ..... He manifestly shows Himself to people, i.e. His working can be recognised in every gift which now comes to earth, for every proclamation breathes God's deepest love, Who only conveys His Word to earth in order to help people in greatest adversity .... And where love is recognisable God Himself is also there, and where God Himself is there His emanation of love can also be felt .... God reveals Himself through His Word ....



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