Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2784 22.6.1943

Lack of spiritual knowledge ....

The lack of spiritual knowledge will become particularly apparent in the coming battle of faith because people will now advocate or accept what they can affirm with conviction, and ignorance in the spiritual sphere is the reason why they reject all faith and fight against it. Only the knowing human being knows the connection of all things, he knows the meaning and purpose of creation and the human being's task on earth. And since he now has profound faith and can represent everything with conviction he now also recognises God's guidance and His will, and thus his earthly path is much easier despite hostility from the world, and he will victoriously pass the tests of faith.

For knowledge is his weapon, his power and his strength .... Nothing can oppress a knowledgeable person as soon as he knows that he is united with God. The knowledgeable person also has no doubts about the outcome of the battle of faith, whereas the person without spiritual knowledge is subject to constant doubts and misgivings because the believers' conviction makes him timid and he himself certainly suspects but has no guarantee for the correctness of his assumptions.

Every phase of the battle of faith is understandable to the knowledgeable person, nothing surprises him, for he knows that everything must come to pass as it was made known to people through the Word of God. For he himself has become knowledgeable through the Word of God, and thus he also knows the outcome of a battle which is only meant for the spiritual light, because darkness is fighting against everything full of light. And thus on the one hand there will be a blind rage against every representative of divine truth, neither wisdom nor love will be recognisable in the decrees to which the human being is supposed to submit .....

No building up will be striven for but merely a work of destruction will take place which applies to all spiritual knowledge, which especially affects the organisations whose teachings encourage faith in Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world, for the most brutal battle will be declared against them .... and the ignorant human being will have no explanation for it .... he will still surrender the shallow faith in God and listen to the explanations of those who are even more ignorant, but very few will seek advice from the believers who alone could provide them with enlightenment. And yet, only knowledge can make world events comprehensible to them, only the knowledgeable person can truthfully inform his fellow human beings of the necessity and expediency of the battle of faith, only the knowledgeable person can comfort his fellow human beings and point them to the One Who can and will help them if they entrust themselves to Him and stand firm against the enemies .....

And these knowledgeable people will be able to speak convincingly, and God Himself will speak through their mouth in order to still win over the weak, undecided people for Himself, whose will is not yet completely turned away from God and who therefore cannot deny Him either. And therefore God already conveys this knowledge to earth beforehand, He educates His fighters by introducing them to the truth and informing them of the coming time so that they will grow stronger in the truth of His Word when the time has come that He needs them to work for Him ....



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