Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2788 26.6.1943

Decision between two worlds ....
Spiritual Looking and listening ....

Every worldly thought weakens the human being's ability to see with the spiritual eye or to hear with spiritual ears. And therefore he must always strive to detach himself from the world. He must learn to despise everything earthly in order to strive undividedly for his spiritual perfection. For as soon as he is able to see spiritually, as soon as his ear is able to hear the voice of the heart, the messages from the spiritual kingdom, he will also mature spiritually, whereas the world cannot offer him spiritual goods, on the contrary, it robs him of them because it deprives him of the ability for them. There are two worlds which want to bring themselves close to the human being, and the representatives of each world endeavour to bring themselves to bear.

It must be the will of man himself to decide in which world he wants to dwell. He sees the earthly pleasures and charms of the world with his bodily eyes and feels them with his bodily senses; the treasures of the spiritual world, on the other hand, do not obviously reveal themselves to him. If he wants to see them, then he must first develop the ability within himself, which has the human will as its first prerequisite. Irrespective of the earthly world he must withdraw into his inner life, he must open his senses to the spiritual influx, he must listen and observe what is imparted to him from the spiritual kingdom, and it will be all the more comprehensible and clear to him the more he separates himself from the world and suppresses the desire for it.

For only one thing can be offered to him .... one world has to be sacrificed in order to enter the other world. As long as the human being still dwells on earth it is a struggle for him, for the earthly world keeps pushing itself forward. However, the will to gain an insight into the spiritual kingdom provides the human being with constant strength to overcome the earthly world, and the ability to see and hear spiritually grows from hour to hour if the human being is seriously willing to exchange this spiritual kingdom for the earthly world ..... He will then be able to easily gain an insight into the other world. Then he will be able to separate himself from it with ease, he will hear the voice of the beings of light speaking within him, which are merely the organs of the divine voice, he will see what his physical eye is unable to see, and his knowledge will enrich itself ever more.

Yet it is always knowledge which is meaningless for the world but which should and can inspire people to likewise strive for the state which earns them the goods of the spiritual kingdom. He must seek everything spiritual within himself, everything worldly, on the other hand, seeks to find access to him from outside. And again, the spiritual can only be imparted to the fellow human being when he likewise goes inwards, for only then is he receptive for what is offered to him, whereas before he only receives it with the bodily ear, but it remains dead for him as long as he does not let it speak to his heart.

What is to retain its value for eternity must come to the human being from the heart, for these are the currents from the spiritual kingdom which emerge in the heart as thoughts and must be consciously grasped by the human being in order to become effective in him ....



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