Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2796 3.7.1943

Thunder Voice of God ....
Divine Intervention ....

If God Himself speaks to you, don't close your hearts, for He will only speak the language of love for a short time yet, and you should listen attentively to His voice and make yourselves worthy of His love with which He cares for you ...., yet soon His voice will sound loudly and spread fear and terror amongst those who did not listen to His quiet voice. He will speak with a voice of thunder and the whole world will have to hear it and be horrified by it.

You don't have much time left to turn back who don't carry God in your heart, and that is why His messengers already admonish and warn you beforehand, and they point out the coming time to you. Time and again He hesitates, and He seeks to win humanity with love and kindness. He comes to them in the Word and wants to educate them for Himself and His kingdom ..... Yet they do not know Him and reject Him when He knocks at His earthly children's door. For the world still entices them with its pleasures and the soft knocking at the heart's door is ignored. But if God makes Himself more audible nothing can drown out His voice, for He will make use of the elements of nature and they will speak for Him.

And this voice will not be drowned out unheard, people have to hear it because no-one shall say that he was not warned before ...., for the end is near. And because people do not listen to the loving admonitions they are in utmost danger of failing when the hour of decision will strike for people. If they hear the Word of God beforehand the context will become clear to them and they will also know of the necessity for God to sound His voice more impressively. There is only a short time left, and you should make extensive use of this time, you should make an effort to recognise and comply with God's will. Then you will be prepared when God speaks to people with a booming voice.

It will not surprise you, for through His Word God has enlightened you about the meaning and purpose of earthly life and the consequences of right as well as wrong will. And now you will also realise how little attention is paid to this in the world and how necessary divine intervention is and that people will only come to their senses through an extraordinary manifestation, that is, if they are not completely hardened and unkind and also pass by this loud voice unimpressed.

A time of suffering will dawn upon the people of the countries which God will afflict because they are extremely distant from God and yet shall also be led back to Him. God speaks daily to His Own through the mouth of an earthly child who wants to serve Him. But only a few hear Him, so that He will now raise His voice to a strength that all people must hear. God is full of love and goodness, but also full of justice, and thus many people will lose their lives because they are incorrigible. But He will also know how to protect those who serve Him and also pay attention to His quiet voice ....



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