Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2801 6.7.1943

Jesus' promise: "Seek first the kingdom of God ...."

The human being only needs little for earthly life if he pursues the spiritual goal, i.e. if he is only concerned about his soul. And God provides enough for his earthly needs and he will not lack anything, as the Lord has promised ..... And therefore earthly worries are unnecessary, for the heavenly Father knows the state of His children and what they need for their physical well-being. And He considers them earthly and spiritually, He not only maintains the body but also gives the soul what it needs to mature for eternity.

But the human being must put the concern for the salvation of the soul before everything else, so that Jesus' promise can be fulfilled: "Do not worry about what you will eat and drink and with what you will clothe yourselves, but seek first the kingdom of God, and everything else will fall to you ....". But people know no other worries than about their body's well-being, and since they do not think about their soul, God leaves them to their worries, because they do not pay attention to Him. And so He also withdraws. They shall recognise the unsuccessfulness of their earthly striving, and therefore He often deprives them of what they have laboriously gained, and thus they live in constant worry about their body's well-being where they could easily and light-heartedly go through earthly life if they wanted to pursue another goal which at the same time guarantees their earthly needs.

Yet people have no faith, they pay no attention to the divine Word, they pay no attention to Jesus' promise; they do not believe in the truth of what Jesus Christ taught on earth and consequently cannot enter into the blessing of this promise either. And thus no other relief can be offered to them either, and they have to fight the battle of existence through their own fault, just as unbelief will always bring disadvantage to people's body and soul.

God created the human being for a task, He created him in such a way that he has to take care of his body in order to maintain his earthly life. And if he then fulfils the task of maturing his soul he need by no means fear that his body would have to live in want, even if he places earthly activity behind his spiritual striving, for then God Himself will take care of him .... by supplying him with everything the human being needs for daily life. How carefree humanity could live on earth if it seriously considered the Word of God and wanted to live according to it .... Instead, however, people are only concerned with the preservation of the body and disregard spiritual needs.

But anyone who strives for the kingdom of God is constantly under His care, he will receive everything he needs to live, he will never need to live in want, nor will he need to fear if what he possesses is taken away from him, for God knows about his needs and worries and is ready to help at the right time. He tests His children in faith and seeks to strengthen those whose faith is still weak. And therefore anyone who carries God within himself, who is united with Him and eagerly strives to acquire the kingdom of God, will never find himself in physical adversity. .... God will consider him at all times and His care will know how to prevent a person from falling into physical hardship who heeds Jesus' promise: 'Seek ye first the kingdom of God .... and all other things shall be added unto you ....'.



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