Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2805 9.7.1943

Workers in the vineyard ....
Tool of God ....

The desire for heavenly food will always be satisfied, and thus God's Word is fulfilled which promises His spirit to those who hunger and thirst for it. Yet the receiving of divine food is always linked to a task .... which they also have to pass on to their fellow human beings .... The extent to which the human being is thoughtful depends on his will. For his knowledge can vary in extent, and it will be more extensive the more he places it at his neighbour's service, the more willing he is to work with his knowledge and contribute to the redemption of the bound. For then he will be included in the circle of teaching beings who fulfil the same mission on earth as in the beyond .... to spread divine truth amongst ignorant people.

He is then likewise a labourer in the vineyard of the Lord who has voluntarily placed himself in His service and is now well provided for in order to be able to carry out his service correctly. Thus God uses him as a tool, while the human being again takes God's gifts as his tools in order to be able to work for Him. And if he wants to receive these gifts he will be provided with them in abundance ....

Both receiving and passing on make him happy, his spirit is constantly active in order to receive the transmission of the spirit outside of him, the emanation of the divine spirit, and to convey it to the soul, which again lets the intellect become active, which, driven by the heart, now tries to transfer the spiritual knowledge it has gained to the heart of his fellow human being and finds happiness in this activity. And the desiring human being will recognise the gifts imparted to him as divine spiritual gifts and greedily receive them, he will be fed again from above, whereas with other people it can fade away at the ear without having made an impression on the heart.

The Word of God is only effective in the heart of the one who desires it, who hungers and thirsts for it ..... It can only be effective there because divine gift presupposes the human being's will to receive it, even though it is also offered as a special grace to those who are still ignorant and therefore do not know the desire for the bread of heaven, nevertheless the gift must first awaken the desire before it is effective. God's love constantly seeks to win people for His Word, because without it the soul's higher development cannot take place, and therefore He offers it to them in various ways.

He also offers it to those who do not receive it in the usual way, who are outside the church and who are not completely turned away from God. He sends it to them, but makes the effect dependent on whether they are willing to receive it, whether the desire for it is stirred in their hearts, whether they want to penetrate the knowledge which is offered to them beforehand in the smallest measure. He tries to make people understand that they have to hear His Word in order to be able to fulfil their task on earth, that they absolutely have to be guided into the right knowledge in order to be able to recognise the nature of God, and that they can only receive this knowledge through His Word, which offers them His love.

If the human being's will to be introduced to this knowledge is stimulated then he is already desirous and his will can be complied with .... he can be fed with the bread of heaven, the truth can be imparted to him which then impels him again to pass on what he has received himself. It is only the will to participate in the instructions from above which now also makes him worthy of them .... For if this will is serious, then he will also shape himself in such a way that he is receptive to the divine Word. And then he will also develop the ability to teach, he will feel the urge to instruct his fellow human beings as well, and since he is now active as a labourer in the vineyard of the Lord he is only God's instrument through which God Himself works .... and through whose mouth God makes Himself known.

God uses people for the sake of freedom of faith, He lets His wisdom reach people through their mouths, He instructs them Himself and only uses people so that His activity does not appear supernatural and forces people to believe. And therefore every servant is welcome to Him. He needs many labourers for His vineyard because it is urgently necessary to break through the spiritual darkness with the light of knowledge, and this can only happen through the transmission of His Word, which brings light because it contains the divine truth which alone leads people towards God ....



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