Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2816 18.7.1943

Streader of God invincible ....
Unshakable Faith ....

You shall continue on your path unwaveringly and not let yourselves be stopped by the machinations of your enemies, who are your enemies because they want to deprive you of your faith in a God of love, wisdom and omnipotence .... in a God Who guides your destiny and Who can also save you from every adversity. You will have to overcome great opposition, you will be in great distress, you will be attacked by the opponents, by the unbelievers, and you will always be met with hostility because you do not approve of people's conduct and reproach them with the divine commandments which are constantly transgressed by them. And scorn and derision will be your response, and brutal measures will accompany them which shall affect you in every way.

Yet don't let yourselves be dissuaded from your conviction, don't lose faith in the One Who can help you, trustingly turn to Him and call upon Him in every adversity ..... He knows His children and stands by them, and He will give you strength in the battle against the children of the world. You can endure everything in view of Him for Whose name you fight .... He once carried a heavy cross, He took humanity's suffering upon Himself, and He will also take your suffering upon His shoulders if you call upon Him. He will impart the strength to you so that you can withstand every external challenge by the world which opposes you. For He will, as it were, come to your side and advise you where you should speak or remain silent, He will put His words into your mouth, He will grant you courage so that you speak openly and unreservedly, without timidity and without worrying that it could harm you.

Constantly commend yourselves to His love and grace and be prepared to fight for Him, then you need fear no-one, neither visible nor invisible enemies, neither people nor spiritual forces who wish you ill. For people have no power as long as you argue in God's name, and the evil forces will not be able to oppress you in His presence either. And if you pray, then pray for deep, unshakeable faith, for then you will be able to do anything, and you will be powerful and invincible. You will lack nothing, even though people try to deprive you of everything, for the Father in heaven sustains His children in a wonderful way, He supplies His children with what they need for body and soul ..... They will not need to live in want, they will feel the strength and power of God's love when the need is greatest. And thus you should faithfully hand yourselves over to Him and serve Him with all willingness, then the world will not be able to harm you, for God assures you of His protection if you fight for Him and His name ....



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