Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2822 23.7.1943

Mercy and Justice of God ....
Satan's Work ....

In faith in the infinite, merciful love of God, man also sees world events as an act of mercy on the souls that do not find their way to God ..... Then it is also understandable to him why God allows unspeakable suffering to afflict people through human will. The unkindness among them has already taken on forms which soon cannot be surpassed, and yet God also uses the worst cruelties in order to influence the souls in error, because they show Him mercy in their lack of light, their ignorance and lack of strength .... otherwise God's might and strength would truly be sufficient to put an end to these cruelties through His will ....

Yet if the soul is still to find its way back to God in the last days it can only do so if a total change of its thinking takes place, to which world events can contribute a great deal. But God's justice will also come to light and intervene as soon as human unkindness has reached its climax and resorts to means that surpass all previous cruelty. Satan is at work, and he has great power over people because they are in bondage to him. He drives them to works of the most blatant unkindness and people follow him .... they carry out everything this demon instructs them to do. God allows it until the day has come which will reveal His righteousness.

The believing human being is convinced that God will intervene at the right time, for he also knows the profound spiritual state humanity is in and that it is capable of anything in order to seek its supposed right. He also knows that people will by no means come to an agreement themselves, that there will no longer be a way out of the chaos if God Himself does not create this way out. And they prepare themselves for it. The unbelieving person, however, counts on a natural outcome of worldly events, on a restoration of the old order in a longer or shorter time, because he does not know what turning point humanity is facing and what means alone can lead it back to the old order.

And he will be surprised, although he has been warned beforehand; he will be full of perplexity, as far as he is still able to think, and it will be difficult for him to approach Him seeking help, Who holds all destinies in His hand. His unbelief will suffer a hard blow and it will be difficult for him to change his thoughts and to regard everything as a means of education which is to help him find his way back to God. If he allows himself to be guided by the thoughts that assail him, he can still find his way out of the chaos and abandon himself to the strength that only wants his best ..... Then he will recognise God's mercy, but also His justice, and the heavy suffering will not have been in vain for him ....



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