Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2826 26.7.1943

Educational activity on earth as in the hereafter difficult ....

It is equally difficult to start in the beyond as on earth to guide the souls onto the path of truth and to proclaim the Gospel to them as long as the soul itself is in a defensive position. For then the counter-influences to which the souls abandon themselves are still so strong. The will and the desire for spiritual knowledge, which comes from God's adversary and is therefore error, predominates in them. In the beyond it is the concepts which the human being has taken with him from his earthly existence, which also remain with him as long as he does not try to free himself from them.

On earth it is easier to free oneself from them than in the beyond, for ever new impressions can invalidate the views gained, whereas in the beyond the soul stubbornly defends its last impressions and concepts, thus it is difficult to be taught otherwise. And that is why the beings of light have a difficult job at first, which is only successful if carried out with love and patience. On earth, on the other hand, the transmission of pure truth is so difficult because when the human being is made aware of the invalidity of his opinion he also doubts the truth of what he is now being offered, and rightly so as long as it does not originate from the source which guarantees the pure truth. And therefore the teaching of erring souls on earth as well as in the beyond is an activity which requires love and perseverance and the recognition of unspeakable hardship of the souls which walk in error.

The latter causes the beings of light in the beyond to approach the ignorant souls time and again and to persuade them to accept the Gospel which is lovingly offered to them. But this is a rewarding task insofar as the souls are exceedingly receptive and willing as soon as they have once accepted the teachings, thus the teaching activity is of greatest success, as soon as the beings of light have succeeded in breaking their will of rejection, whereas on earth people constantly doubt and find it difficult to recognise the truth offered to them as truth as long as they don't surrender to its effect without resistance, that is..., i.e., they try to live according to the truth imparted to them and now feel the strength of truth in themselves in the form of increased desire for it and happy satisfaction as soon as the desire is fulfilled.

When the first resistance has been overcome on earth as well as in the hereafter, the teachings result in great blessings and spiritual successes. In the beyond the being now progresses faster in its development because, as soon as it has recognised, it strives exceedingly eagerly for perfection. On earth the human being is time and again taken up by earthly things, he does not let spiritual development become the sole purpose of his life and is time and again in danger of being crushed by the world and its demands. He has to offer the greatest resistance if his soul is to attain the necessary maturity in earthly life. And therefore the work on earth on the erring souls is even more significant, but it is also supported by forces in the beyond which, as servants of God, grasp every mentally prepared soul and take care of it with love and patience, i.e. which now mentally instruct it in the same truth which originates from God and therefore remains unchangeable and also has to lead to eternal life ....



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