Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2836 4.8.1943

Last means of education ....
New course of development ....

And you humans have to submit to the Creator's will, for since you have abused your free will it will be taken away from you again, and you will have to go through a process of development again in a state of compulsion which is agonising for you, where you are no longer allowed to determine yourselves but only divine will comes into effect. God knows all these agonies of the new course of development for the spiritual embodied in the human being, and His love and mercy tries to avert them from His earthly children as far as possible, He wants to help them to bend their will to that of the Creator while they are still in the old earthly life, so that they will not belong to those who cannot exist before God at the end of this redemption period and therefore have to be banished into the solid form again. And therefore He still uses all means beforehand to change their will.

For this reason you humans must regard everything that happens around you, no matter how painful it may be, as the last means of education which God will try on you for the sake of your salvation. Anyone who remains stubborn in his will, i.e. who does not bow down to divine will ...., i.e. who only lives in self-love and disregards love for his neighbour and thus does not fulfil God's will, can expect little success from his earthly life; even the last means of education will no longer change him, and the end time with its most severe suffering will not change his God-opposing will ..... He is lost for eternity, and a new earthly life in bondage is his fate.

Unspeakable suffering will therefore first befall the earth, caused by human will itself, because Satan confuses people's thoughts and drives them to cruel works of destruction .... but on the other hand also by God's will Himself, Who has likewise planned a work of destruction since eternity in order to liberate countless still bound beings and thereby cause people on earth to experience such hardship that they should turn to Him for help .... And whatever comes upon the earth .... consider it the last means to win souls for God .... believe that it is a sign of God's great love and mercy, and try to make yourselves worthy of this love by looking within yourselves and seriously striving to change. For there is only a short time left until the final destruction of everything that now lives on earth ....



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