Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2840 7.8.1943

God's protection to the fainthearted and faint-hearted ....

The task of those who want to serve Me is difficult, yet My strength and grace will always be with them, I will always stand by them and they will always recognise My guiding Fatherly hand .... They will have to pass many a hard test of faith and time and again need new strength in order to be able to face all opposition. But they can always be certain of My guidance, and thus I will lead them over cliffs and rocks, over thistles and thorns, always along the right path which leads upwards towards Me.

My spirit will always be with them and they will constantly hear My voice within themselves which will strengthen, comfort or call them. And if they are unable to hear Me, I will pound more strongly at the door of their heart, and their anxiety and timidity will subside if they are afflicted by it, their faith will be strengthened and all weakness will fall from them. And so hear My voice, you who are despondent or fainthearted: I let no one fall who wants to argue for Me, I give you My Word as a sign of My everlasting love. And this love truly does not leave you in the soul's adversity, it helps you in every weakness of will, for I know about your will to be Mine and to serve Me.

Your task is not easy and yet you will fulfil it as long as you take refuge in Me in every adversity of the soul ..... I will increase your strength and time and again you will be able to take up the battle for Me, newly strengthened and full of confidence that you will pass it. You live in the midst of a world which no longer wants to have any connection with Me and which is therefore full of dark thoughts. And this darkness also wants to overshadow you, it wants to extinguish the light which shines in you through your love for Me and your faith in Me. .... And therefore the darkness seeks to devour you, and these are the struggles and oppositions which depress you and make you despondent .... But you should know that I, the Light Itself, stand next to you and that the darkness cannot do anything against Me .... you should know that you are in the realm of My radiation of light and that you are therefore equally immune to the darkness's efforts.

And therefore the darkness will never succeed in corrupting you as long as you desire Me in your heart. And once you have surrendered to Me and offered Me your will and your services you will also remain My property forever, which the adversary can never dispute with Me. Yet he will harass you time and again, and these are the inner battles you will face which will make you discouraged ..... But I protectively hold My hands over you, I Am never far from you, even if you feel weak and abandoned.

Great tasks still await you and you must be well prepared for them, you must oppose all resistance with your will towards Me, then it will disintegrate into itself, for you draw Me to you as a helper, as it were, and everything must give way to My power. And therefore don't let yourselves be depressed, even if the world around you is darkened and would like to obscure your light .... I Myself illuminate you and even the worst darkness cannot resist My rays ....



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