Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2841 7.8.1943

Surrender of the will only requirement ....

Lay your will at My feet and your way of life will henceforth be a more blessed one. I don't demand much from you other than the submission of your will to My will, which once turned away from Me in arrogance and resulted in your imperfection. If you now want to become perfect again and thus in My image, then you must turn to Me again, you must acknowledge My will and offer Me yours, you must be of the same will as Me, because in the state of perfection you cannot want and act differently than what My wisdom and love has recognised. And therefore you may not oppose My will, for then your will will not correspond to My love and My wisdom, and then you cannot unite with Me .... you cannot become perfect.

But as soon as you acknowledge Me you completely give yourselves to Me, and thus you also give Me your will, and then I can guide you and will not encounter resistance. Then you will also recognise My working in you, for where there is no more resistance I can express Myself, I can let My strength overflow, I can let My will come to fruition through you, I can transfer My will to others through you. If you surrender your will you will not become unfree or powerless but you can now accomplish everything with My support. For My will has now also become your will, and you will be satisfied because you can leave everything to Me. As long as you do not completely sacrifice your will to Me your thoughts and aspirations are still turned towards the world, for then it is your will which still pays attention to that which is My adversary's share.

But you must detach yourselves from his kingdom, you may not acknowledge him who once determined your will to turn away from Me, you must despise him and turn away from him, thereby you prove that you desire Me and that you are willing to accept My will, and thus you submit yourselves to this will. Then you will also pay attention to what I say to you, you will lend your ear to My Word and now I can guide you, and you will follow Me and make My will your guiding principle for your way of life. And then you must ascend, you must reach your goal, you must become what you once were, enlightened beings who only ever carry out My will and are blissfully happy, because the fulfilment of My will makes all beings happy ....



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