Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2843 8.8.1943

Recognising the work of redemption ....
Wrestling with dark forces ....

Countless souls lie in battle with the powers of darkness, unable to free themselves from their grip and in urgent need of help. For in their blindness they themselves are unaware of the spiritual hardship they are in; they don't know that they are at the mercy of the evil power if the beings of light don't bring them help while they still dwell on earth. The ignorance of these souls prevents them from fighting evil themselves. They don't know that the strength to do so is at their disposal and that they only need to request it. And they lack knowledge because they do not have faith and love, otherwise the power of evil over them would also be broken and the danger of succumbing in battle would be over.

But unbelief and lack of love mean increased weakness of will and lack of strength, and therefore the forces of darkness have great power over the souls, and therefore beings, which are full of love, be it on earth as well as in the beyond, must help them in their adversity. They must try to impart to them the knowledge about their state of weakness and its cause ..... They must teach them to practise love so that they will thereby attain faith .... They have to present to them the hardship of their souls which they certainly don't feel on earth yet but which they will recognise in the beyond after the death of the body with unspeakable remorse and can no longer remedy as easily as on earth.

With love and patience they must try to influence people who are still blind in spirit, so that they expand their knowledge, that they allow themselves to be taught and reflect on what they have heard. Only then can people come to faith, and only then will they obey the commandment of love and be able to escape the power of evil. It is not easy to work on ignorant and unbelieving people because they do not recognise one thing .... Christ's act of Salvation .... because their will is extremely weakened and they do not make use of the blessings of the act of Salvation.

And therefore the significance of the act of Salvation shall be explained to them which, however, can only be grasped again when the human being endeavours to be lovingly active, otherwise it is completely incomprehensible to him and he constantly rejects what is demanded of him to believe. But the more he has to struggle against the powers of darkness, for now he is alone in the battle against them, because He cannot help him Whom he does not want to acknowledge ..... And that is why the whole world is currently enslaved by the forces of darkness, because it no longer acknowledges the divine Redeemer and thus, with its weakened will, is no longer able to resist the prince of the underworld .... Light and darkness contend with each other, darkness is powerful and draws many souls under its spell ....

But the light contends with God, for through the act of Salvation God in Jesus has confronted the adversary and overcome him .... and thus the human being will also be the conqueror of the enemy as long as he chooses the divine Redeemer Himself as his commander, as long as he contends with Him Who has assured him of His strength as the grace of the act of Salvation, which He acquired for people through His death on the cross.

The divine Redeemer can and will help all people who acknowledge Him, and no one who commends himself to His grace will succumb in the battle against evil. But if he alone wants to fight against that power he will succumb, for his strength is not enough to resist. And therefore faith in Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world is necessary .... And therefore love should be practised so that the human being will attain faith .... And thus love must be preached to all people so that the human being will attain wisdom through love, so that he will become enlightened and successfully fight the battle against darkness, so that the souls' adversity will be reduced and they can liberate themselves from the power of darkness ....



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