Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2844 9.8.1943

Internal Enlightenment ....
Truth and Error ....

Through the grace of inner enlightenment the human being gains insight into a kingdom where there is no error and no doubt, where everything is pure, light truth, which is why the human being can accept knowledge without worry because nothing else but truth is offered to him. Consequently, teachings must now also be corrected which were previously offered to people and which do not correspond to the truth. For as soon as the human being is enlightened and instructed by God's spirit, the latter will not tolerate any untruth alongside the truth; it will explain everything to him so comprehensibly that the error will automatically become invalid and he will unhesitatingly replace it with the truth. And thus the human being will now also recognise which teachings were a hindrance to people's spiritual development because they are erroneous, and he will try to purify these teachings by means of the truth he has gained in the spiritual kingdom.

He will now fight against error so that the truth will get its due. The sooner he succeeds in doing so, the more blessed his undertaking will be, i.e. it will be crowned with spiritual success. .... Untruth cannot lead upwards, untruth holds the soul back to earth as if with chains, and therefore all untruth is an obstacle for the soul to ascend. And therefore the spiritual kingdom will always endeavour to bring truth to earth in order to facilitate people's ascent, and wherever a receptive earthly child opens itself to the truth from the kingdom of light, the beings of light will work diligently to educate it as a bearer of truth so that the human being will also instruct his fellow human beings in the truth.

The more untouched the recipient has remained from erroneous teachings the easier it is to convey the truth to him, for he accepts it without inner resistance. But now the fight against false teachings begins, as soon as he has recognised them as false teachings. He must not allow or tolerate them out of tolerance, he must openly fight against them, he must denounce the error as such and warn people of the disadvantage it has on their spiritual development; he must try to make them think about it and decide for or against these false teachings. And he will also be able to do this and feel impelled to do so as soon as he has gained a clear insight himself, as soon as he knows about the effect of truth and the harmful consequences of error.

If the human being knows the pure truth he will also try to shape himself in accordance with divine will, but error prevents him from doing so because it was placed in the world by God's adversary whose goal is to push the spiritual away from God and who therefore wants to prevent the human being from recognising God and His goal. Truth leads to God, but lies and error lead away from Him. And therefore all beings of light will constantly strive to instruct people in the truth. They will wage a constant battle against the lie which is the originator of the darkness in which humanity walks.

The light of the spiritual kingdom shall also be transferred to earth, it shall shine on earth and break through the spiritual darkness, error and lies shall be separated from truth, and every representative of truth on earth shall be instructed as such to openly and unashamedly expose the error he recognises and to replace it with pure truth. For only truth sets free, only truth redeems what is bound, and only truth leads to God ....



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