Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2852 16.8.1943

Quality state in the solid form ....

The state which the spiritual must endure in the solid form is indescribably agonising, and it is also of infinitely long duration. It is a stage of being bound which no being would take upon itself with will. But free will is taken from it, and its course of development is determined by God, i.e., it is a certain compulsory state against which the spiritual cannot rebel. And since it was originally created freely, it feels every compulsion as torment. It was previously unhindered, it could want and carry out because it was the recipient of strength through the will of the One Who let it come into being, but it used it in a God-opposing sense, that is, it used it for creations again with a will opposed to God.

These creations are not material things but spiritual creations which flow through the spiritual kingdom like thoughts and have an effect contrary to God. The influence of these currents is again felt by the entities which strive towards God, and therefore the spiritual is prevented from doing so, and at the same time it is given the opportunity to change its God-opposing will. It is bound by God's will in the solid form, in a cover, which it cannot penetrate, because this cover again consists of even harder spiritual substance, which makes every escape impossible for the spiritual sheltering in it.

The outer shell now encloses the originally free spiritual substance ever more tightly and oppresses it immensely, it is deprived of all strength, it is powerless against this oppression, no matter how much it rebels against it .... Thus it begins its course of development on earth under these torments, having either previously travelled it unsuccessfully on earth or having proven itself to be a pest in the spiritual kingdom, that it thus tried to influence the spiritual being, which should freely determine its own affairs, into apostasy from God. Then this spiritual being must be deprived of all freedom of will, for every open fight against God is a sin which now earns it bondage.

Its will will be bound for a long time so that it will slowly turn to God again which, however, is only the result of torments which it can only escape through a changed will .... by submitting to divine will, by the spiritual being declaring itself willing to be of service, thus it begins to give up its resistance against God. Only excessive torments have this effect, and therefore even the most agonising external form can still be regarded as a means of grace, for it is a means of redemption, of ascending development, even if this often takes a long time, since all periods require a certain amount of time in order to develop the spiritual substance in constant change until the final stage, which then allows the embodiment as a human being where free will is returned to the spiritual substance, which the human being now has to use correctly in order to rid himself of every external form and thus also of the associated torments.



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