Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2856 21.8.1943

The work of the adversary and its binding ....

The adversary works against God in many forms and in many ways he tries to undermine Christ's teaching of love. He sows hatred and discord wherever the ground is suitable, and he uses every opportunity to incite people against each other and to encourage them in unkindness. For he seeks to displace God; he seeks to fragment everything that is good and slowly change it into evil; he seeks to eradicate all feeling for truth and spread opinions amongst humanity which are completely against Jesus Christ's teaching of love. And thus he seeks to displace Jesus Christ Himself, for with the truth humanity will also be deprived of the knowledge of the greatest bearer of truth on earth, and this is the purpose of God's adversary, for then people will also lose the blessings of the act of Salvation as soon as the human being no longer knows about it and therefore does not consciously desire the grace of it.

But Jesus Christ must be acknowledged as the Son of God and Redeemer of the world, only then can He bestow the blessings of His act of Salvation upon people, and only then is it possible for him to become free from the power of God's adversary. Yet people's will gives the adversary himself this excessive power, for if people were to defend themselves, if they wanted to give their will to God, the adversary's power would be broken, and even the knowledge of the act of Salvation and faith in it could not be taken away from people who strive towards God.

Nevertheless, God equally lets His strength flow to earth so that people will be able to recognise the adversary's activity and resist him. And thus there is a battle between the good and the evil spiritual world, it is a constant struggle to gain influence over people's thinking and to guide them onto the right path. For only when people's thinking is right do they recognise the truth and desire it. But the good forces have little success .... people are devoid of love. Thus God's adversary has an easy game to win them over, and they yield to his influence without resistance .... And thus they divest themselves of all faith and grace because their will is willing to deny the greatest act of love, since they are incapable of practising love themselves and thus cannot grasp Christ's act of love either. And thus countless people will fall prey to the adversary's activity ....

God, however, in His infinite love and mercy will only tolerate his activity to a certain extent, for as soon as his actions are directed towards God Himself, as soon as, due to his influence, open action is taken against every person who still recognises Jesus Christ, this is an open battle against God which He will not let go unrewarded. For now it will be an unequal battle in that the human being will no longer be free to decide for God or for His adversary, but he shall no longer have a choice but to unreservedly profess his support for God's adversary. .... People are forced to surrender their faith, although only those who still want to hold on to it, for the others have already voluntarily surrendered their faith.

Yet God will never let His adversary gain the power to oust Him, and His final intervention will take all power and strength from him ..... But before He binds him He will exceptionally support the believing people, because the fierce battle for faith has to erupt for the sake of the unbelievers, because they shall recognise the strength of faith and because the believers' exceptional activity can still lead them back to faith if they are not completely under the adversary's control. But in the end it will become unbearable for the believers whom Satan tries to force to be in bondage to him. And then the hour will have come for his power to break .... and God will put an end to his activity, He will humiliate him and snatch all power out of his hands .....

And all those who paid homage to him will be powerless, powerless they will be abandoned to God's hand, which now separates the spirits from each other by judging, which completely destroys everything that did not fight under His banner and rewards the few who are devoted to Him, as He has promised. And no matter how much the adversary rages beforehand, the hour will come when an end will be put to his activity, and this hour is no longer far away. And by this you will recognise the end, that Satan rages without mercy, that he incites people against each other, that he gives them thoughts which testify to unheard-of cruelty and unkindness, and that he will determine them to tear each other apart. Then the world will also be ripe for destruction, i.e. the earth and everything existing on it will be reshaped and destroyed by God's will after God has fetched the people loyal to Him to Himself so that they will be raptured from Satan's power ....



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