Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2860 25.8.1943

Imortality ....
Soul ....

Everything that God has created is spiritual power and as such imperishable. Nevertheless, the visible creations are subject to constant change, thus they do not pass away completely but only change within themselves, and even if it is no longer visible it nevertheless does not cease to be because God only temporarily dissolves matter until the spiritual in it needs a new external form again. This transformation now also contributes to the spiritual's further development, that it therefore never remains in the same stage but that it reaches an ever higher degree of maturity until it can enter its last embodiment as a human being.

The human being is also transient to a certain extent, but again only the external form, whereas the soul, the spiritual in the human being, also outlasts the last external form and enters eternity as a bodiless being. This spiritual substance, the soul, is not visible to the human being on earth, and yet it is the actual being which only needs the bodily cover for the purpose of its final maturing on earth. After the death of the body, however, the soul continues its life without any cover and is therefore only visible to spiritual beings which are completely independent of earth and all earthly substance. What God has created remains eternally, yet the form of existence, the state of that which was created by God's will, can be very different .... accordingly also more or less visible, although it cannot eternally pass away.

The human being with his physical eyes is only able to see everything created in the stage where it has material shells, for only such are visible to the physical eye, since it can only see the spiritual in the external form in a high degree of maturity. And therefore the immortality of the human soul is also mostly doubted, because the human being only wants to believe what he sees and what he can prove. But with some thought he gains the realisation that everything originated from God and therefore cannot be transient, even though it loses its earthly cover. Only when he has recognised the spiritual in himself, when he lives a spiritual life next to his earthly, external life, does he regard matter as a cover necessary for development, which is only a means to an end for the spiritual. Then he also knows that there is no end for the spiritual, but that the external cover is only of limited duration and remains in existence as long as it is divine will, which then releases the spiritual for a life outside of earth, outside of matter, which never ever ends but lasts forever.

Earthly life can therefore only be regarded as a transitional stage in which the spiritual substance, the soul, has to overcome its last external form so that it can then enter a sphere without any cover where its actual life begins .... in freedom and in awareness of its strength, which it lacked on earth as long as it had not yet attained the necessary maturity .... where it is aware of the fact that it lives forever, that it can never ever pass away because what originates from God is everlasting ....



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