Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2862 27.8.1943

Mediation of the Word of God - Act of Grace ....

Anyone who lives a life of love will also find My grace and My pleasure, and consequently he will also be worthy of wisdom from Me. And therefore the knowledge a person acquires intellectually is not decisive but only the knowledge he has received from Me as an outpouring of My love and grace. Yet as long as they live without love or do not yet properly recognise My love they also lack faith and knowledge of My working in those who are devoted to Me and prove it through active neighbourly love. And consequently they also don't know about the direct impartation of My Word, about the supply of truth which transfers My love to a willing person in order to also make it accessible to fellow human beings through him.

It is an act of grace which people should recognise if they seriously examine it and want to imagine My love for them, and yet they don't want to accept this grace, they want to deny such activity of love on My part because they themselves are unable to recognise My Fatherly love due to their lack of love, because they also don't know people's hardship and how urgently they need help. People themselves are indifferent to their fellow human beings' spiritual hardship, and they also apply the same standard to My love that it idly watches people take wrong paths which lead ever further away from Me. And they don't want to believe that I make use of a human being in order to lead them out of error by conveying the truth to him, which can bring them salvation in their soul's adversity.

For only truth is necessary for the souls' recovery, truth is the only means to find Me and to escape the great spiritual adversity. And because I know about error and its consequences I take pity on humanity which no longer recognises Me if I let them feel My love. For only love recognises Me and My working, only the loving person feels My strength and My grace, and only the loving person consciously accepts My strength and grace ..... But My working remains hidden from others because I cannot work in them Myself as long as they don't believe that eternal love embodies itself in a loving heart and teaches it all wisdom, that it descends to people in the Word, as soon as a loving person offers himself to God for service and is willing to spread the received divine Word amongst people, which My greater than great love conveys to earth for this purpose ....



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