Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2863 28.8.1943

Love and grace and guidance in free will ....

In every phase of earthly life My will guides you and My grace flows to you unstoppably .... For your embodiment on earth in every form is a grace which I grant to you in order to help you to ascend from the abyss again. You have deprived yourselves of strength and power through your own will and were therefore only able to dwell in the abyss, in darkness, where weakness and ignorance caused you to become unfree creatures which now became agonisingly aware of their existence. And I want to release you from this imperfect state because My love still applies to you who voluntarily tried to separate yourselves from Me. And therefore I give you the opportunity to ascend again by letting you take a path by virtue of My will which will reduce the distance from Me again, even though it will take endless times until you have reached your goal.

Nevertheless, you must recognise every opportunity of ascent as grace, for you yourselves, i.e., your own will, has taken the path downwards, towards the depth from which My love wants to lead you back again. And since your will caused you complete ignorance and spiritual darkness you are also incapable of returning upwards of your own accord, and therefore I have completely seized you and placed you under My will again until you regain the ability to continue this process of higher development in free will and to strive for your liberation, your former perfection again.

My love and grace will take pity on your weakness and lead you towards the light again in the infinitely long earthly path, but then I will have to give you the freedom of your will again so that you can take your last test of earthly life, where I will indeed make My grace available to you unmeasured but you will have to freely decide whether you want to accept and utilise this grace or leave it unused. .... My will now seemingly withdraws from you, yet I still direct your course of life such that it can earn you the highest spiritual successes if you have the will to ascend, for I do not force this .... I leave you complete freedom but shape your earthly life such that you will always and everywhere be able to recognise Me, and My love and grace will guide you if you don't oppose Me, for I want you to become again what you were from the beginning ....



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