Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2867 2.9.1943

Pray and be heard ....

Give yourselves to the working of the spirit, which introduces you to all truth .... And where your heart is troubled by doubt, where a question arises within you, consult the spirit within you ...., i.e., ask God for enlightenment through the power of His spirit, and you will receive clarification and be instructed according to the truth .... The hardship on earth is indescribably great, almost no human being remains untouched by it; however, the earthly hardship is only slight compared to the spiritual hardship, the effect of which is not obvious to the human being and which he therefore takes little or no account of.

The earthly adversity is limited because earthly life is only of very short duration for every person, as soon as the standard is applied to the infinitely long time in eternity where an imperfect soul languishes in the bonds of darkness. And God wants to avert these torments from the soul through earthly adversity, He wants to purify the soul while it is still on earth in order to spare it the far more bitter suffering in the beyond. God can certainly spare humanity on earth but this would be a lack of love which the souls in the beyond would feel painfully, just as, conversely, the souls will one day look back filled with gratitude on the time of suffering on earth which spared them unspeakable suffering in the beyond.

For the suffering on earth shall lead people to realisation, the suffering on earth shall make people seek contact with God and induce their will to lead their earthly life in a way pleasing to God ..... Only then can suffering be taken away from them. The spiritual hardship must therefore first be remedied before God can avert the earthly hardship from people. And this spiritual hardship must be the cause for intercession ..... Recognising this spiritual adversity and its consequences, people must pray for the misguided people; they must ask God for strength and grace for them so that they will recognise their adversity and voluntarily strive towards the light. For earthly adversity is a grace for these people which is intended to bring about this very realisation.

People are easily inclined to believe that earthly suffering is a punishment for people who do not live according to God's will. And therefore they ask God for mercy, they ask for an end to the earthly hardship, for a shortening of the state of suffering and thus, to a certain extent, for averting the means of grace which, after all, are meant to help people attain spiritual maturity. Admittedly, their love for their fellow human beings determines their intercession, but it should only apply to people's spiritual well-being, then they will prove their profound love for them, and then God can also answer the prayer by granting them increased grace so that they can more easily come to realisation. But He cannot eliminate the freedom of the will. People themselves must have the will to take the right path before God, only then will intercession bring them the blessing that they will become enlightened and that their suffering on earth will not be in vain. ....



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