Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2869 4.9.1943

Submitting the will to God's will ....

God only requires unconditional submission to His will, and this requirement is truly not difficult to fulfil if you love Him with all tenderness of your heart. For love voluntarily submits itself, love seeks to conform, i.e. to do justice to the will of the One to Whom it applies. The human being should not be forced to align his will with divine will but his love for God should determine him to merge into His will, then the human being will not surrender anything but receive ..... Through the God-like will the strength flows to him to also carry out his will and he becomes an aspirant of the spiritual kingdom, which means that he can also enjoy the glories and delights of this kingdom; that he is blissfully happy and Christ's promise is fulfilled in him: 'What no man's eye has ever seen and what no man's ear has ever heard, these I have prepared for those who love Me ....'.

Man must not offer the slightest resistance to God if he wants to be flooded by God's strength, and full of love he must turn to Him Whose will made him come into being, from Whose love he emerged .... And thus his love must impel him to completely give himself to Him; his love must determine him to relinquish his own will and only want what corresponds to God's will, thus to be of the same will as Him. He then surrenders his own will but receives infinitely more in return .... he becomes free and strong .... Previously his own will was weak and powerless as soon as this will was directed towards God; but if he subordinates his will to God he will have achieved his earthly goal; he will have decided in favour of Him of his own accord, and this will be the result of his love for Him.

And God likewise rewards this free decision with His love and infuses it with His strength. The human being has fulfilled God's requirements, he has overcome the separation from God, he has joined God by subordinating his will and cannot want anything else but God Himself, and this unison of will makes him happy and blessed because he feels connected to God for eternity....



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