Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2871 6.9.1943

Good and Bad Forces ....
Conscious or unconscious receiving ....

Countless threads go from the beyond to earth, and depending on the willingness of the hearts, on the ability to love and the desire for truth, the spiritual beings can let light flow to people on earth, thus distribute knowledge which corresponds to truth. For only truth is light, but all error is darkness of spirit. But in order to be able to receive the pure truth a profound faith in God's love is a prerequisite, that it carefully watches over the fact that only spiritual forces have access, which are bearers of truth and instruct people on God's behalf.

Anyone who acknowledges God as the Giver of truth and also recognises God as the source of knowledge, as the centre where spiritual transmissions originate, will also have the firm confidence that he can never be offered error if he is united with God through heartfelt prayer and loving activity. And therefore he will also never allow erring forces access to him, because prayer to God erects an insurmountable wall in front of every intruding ignorant force. God will never let anyone who desires the truth from Him walk in error .....

However, forces are also active between heaven and earth, between the beyond and this world, which seize every opportunity to make themselves heard and which are uncontrollable because they make use of a human form which surrenders its will to them ..... Both good and bad forces can express themselves through such a form, yet the latter will also disguise themselves as figures of light in order to be fully believed for what they announce to people. The human form can indeed be truth-desiring and God-oriented in its conscious state, but it will divest itself of its will in the medial state, which can then be occupied by every spiritual power, depending on the desire for truth and the state of maturity of those who now receive the announcements.

And therefore truth and error will go side by side without the latter being recognised. And the reason for this is that such people are unaware of the working of the spirit, that they do not try to listen within themselves while awake ...., that they lack the knowledge that God Himself speaks to people who want to hear Him ...., that they can be introduced to profound wisdom by Him and that He conveys this wisdom to people through His Word or through His spiritual bearers of truth. But they must always listen within, they must try to develop the ability within themselves to hear God's voice ....



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