Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2876 9.9.1943

Maturity and determination ....
Shape and depth of the gifts ....

All that is full of light seeks to help the unredeemed, it seeks to assist him in his adversity, which is a result of ignorance, of the lack of knowledge about the nature of God, about His reign and activity and His love, wisdom and omnipotence ..... Therefore, as soon as the unredeemed are in the stage of free will, where they have the ability to recognise, the enlightened seeks to impart knowledge to them, and for this purpose it particularly makes use of people who are willing to receive the truth and pass it on.

This will is the first prerequisite to be able to function as mediators between the spiritual world and earthly people. The beings of light always carry out God's will and thus convey the pure truth to earth on His behalf. Depending on the receptivity of the human being who receives the truth, it will then be offered to him .... the deepest wisdom, if the human being shapes himself through his way of life as a receptacle for the divine spirit, the strength from God, which is conveyed to him by the beings of light ....

The beings of light know every person's degree of maturity and desire, and thus they also instruct people in accordance with this degree of maturity, who are to exercise their office as bearers of truth on earth again. It will always be the same truth, yet more or less comprehensive and always adapted to the circle of those to whom the bearers of truth give notice of it. God knows about the spiritual state of those and sends the right messengers to meet them, who again have the knowledge at their disposal which they need. And again it is decisive which spiritual maturity the recipient of truth has attained from God and how he utilises the gifts offered to him. And therefore the transmissions from the spiritual kingdom will differ in their form and depth, although they must always correspond in content.

The recipient must shape himself such that he hears everything whispered to him by the beings of light. Receiving is an act of free will, and this will itself determines the nature and depth of what is imparted to him through God's grace, Who enlightens the spirit of the one who declares himself willing to work as mediator between God and people and listens to what the spirit from God announces to him. The truth, however, remains eternally the same, otherwise its origin has to be doubted ....



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