Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2879 12.9.1943

Patience and humility ....

Greatest forbearance and humility are required in order to receive My love and grace, in order to be taught by Me Myself .... in order to be able to hear My Word in their hearts .... People who want to work for Me on earth should be patient and humble, for thus they testify to their love for Me, that they are full of love for their fellow human beings and do not look down on them in arrogance, who are likewise My living creations. And only then can I Myself work through them, because I Myself Am exceedingly patient and because I walked the path on earth in profound humility, on which you shall follow Me .... Thus you must make the same effort as Me to be patient and to approach your fellow human beings with humility of heart.

You must, as it were, court their love in order to win them over for yourselves, you must regard them as misguided friends and therefore patiently try to instruct them where possible. You must remain humble and not exalt yourselves in your heart over those who walk in error. .... But you must always remember that you should stand up for the truth. Once you have recognised the truth and received it directly from Me, you must adhere to it and not allow yourselves to be intimidated by counter-talk.

You must, mindful of My love, try to convey to your fellow human beings what you have recognised as beneficial for the soul, for then you will also practise love .... And if you remain true to your conviction, if you don't bow down to error, you can nevertheless remain humble in your heart. Yet no-one can demand the surrender of your conviction in order to test your humility ..... No-one can deny your forbearance if you always and forever want to help the truth to its right. But where this truth is not accepted, where the spiritual resistance is too great, there seek not to force anything ....

The truth must speak for itself, and the truth also speaks for itself as soon as the human being examines the truth with an earnest will. .... And therefore humility of heart is necessary again, the creature's profound bowing before the Creator and the prayer for help, which again testifies to humility .... then he, too, will be seized by My grace and he will realise .... I give My grace to the humble, and only the humble attain the truth. But the truth also obliges him to defend it. Therefore, humility towards Me need not be violated, although the bearer of truth does not bow down before his fellow human being who walks in error ....

Yet you should always and constantly practise patience and always visualise My earthly path, which required patience in abundance and greater than great love. Be gentle and patient and you will also be successful with those who initially oppose you .... For meekness and patience are signs of love, and love is strength. And love conquers all opposition because no power can resist it ....



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