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BD 2881 13.9.1943

Embodiment of Light Beings ....
Mission ....

The human soul only embodies itself once during a developmental period, unless it voluntarily accepts another earthly life change for the purpose of fulfilling a mission. Thus a re-embodiment is only possible after the end of a developmental period, as soon as it is necessary in order to bring the spiritual being, which is completely distant from God and failed on earth, close to God after all. Such a re-embodiment, however, is by no means in accordance with the being's will but would be perceived as a forced state which the human being would never agree to of his own free will. The re-embodiment as a human being also presupposes the passage through all works of creation, which is inconceivably agonising.

But if a being of light is willing to fulfil a task on earth which is necessary for people's spiritual development it can embody itself again on earth and thereby also achieve an even higher degree of maturity, thus the path through the works of creation is then ruled out beforehand, the soul incarnates from above in a body of flesh in order to mature as a human being under the same conditions to that degree which then makes it possible to carry out the task given to it. Such souls are always given to souls in spiritual hardship, they are guides on earth, people who have knowledge of God and can thereby assist people in their spiritual development.

The greater the spiritual hardship the more beings of light embody themselves to help them. But they no longer need the earthly path in order to first shape themselves into a being of light, instead their soul is a soul of light, only without knowledge of its spiritual state and therefore full of striving for ascent, because such is of utmost importance for fellow human beings that they are to be shown the path which leads upwards. Thus it is not possible to speak of reincarnation for the purpose of perfection, and therefore the opinion that a soul can embody itself at will for the purpose of further development is also erroneous.

For only a perfect soul, a being of light, voluntarily takes the material cover upon itself because it has become love and love for the unfree spiritual determines it to return into a dungeon from which it has long since escaped. But a soul which is still in need of maturity would resist returning to earth because it feels raptured from the heaviness of earth as soon as it already has realisation, and the latter also signifies for it the knowledge of the possibility of an ascent development in the spiritual kingdom and it far prefers this to a repeated earthly life. However, the possibilities of development in the spiritual kingdom are adapted to the state of maturity of every soul ....

(9/13/1943) The more willing the soul is, the more it strives for ascent development, the more active it is and the more spiritualised it becomes, i.e., it neither needs material creations nor procures such for itself through its desire, even if only in its imagination. She separates herself more and more from them, and earthly desires also recede more and more. Accordingly, she now lives in spiritual spheres, in an environment which can only be addressed as spiritual creation. Every possibility of higher development is offered to it, and it truly does not need a renewed stay on earth and does not desire it either, because it regards earthly life as a stage of its development which it has overcome, even though it did not earn it the maturity which was possible for the soul to achieve. But it was a fettered state for it from which it now feels liberated and which it would never strive for again. It is different with a still entirely material soul which departs from earth without any recognition and is still chained to earth with all its senses .....

These souls certainly long to return to earth but never in order to mature spiritually but only to be able to enjoy purely physical pleasures, because love for the material world and their own ego fills the soul and causes the longing for earth to grow ever greater. But these souls are supposed to overcome their love for matter and have to do so in the beyond because they failed to do so on earth. Through their desires they create an earthly world for themselves in the spiritual kingdom, they see and possess everything they desired but no longer in reality but only in their imagination, and that is until they realise that they are only chasing after illusory goods and now overcome their desire for them ..... Only then will their surroundings change, and only then will they begin their activity in the spiritual kingdom, which guarantees them an upward development ....



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