Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2884 16.9.1943

Divine Love ....

The essence of the Deity is incomprehensible to people as long as they cannot form a proper concept of what love is ..... God's love cannot be remotely compared to human love, for the former is of infinite depth and intimacy, so that human love is only a reflection of it, even if it is pure and honest, thus unselfish. Yet the person who loves is capable of making every sacrifice, fulfilling every wish and doing everything that gives him pleasure to the one he loves .... . He seeks to protect him from suffering, from danger and to make his life beautiful .... But how much more is divine love concerned about the welfare of its creatures .... Yet people doubt this profound, intimate love of God or are not aware of it, otherwise they would be filled with profound faith and trust in God, otherwise they would understand much that they reject due to their ignorance.

For everything can be explained with God's profound love .... As soon as they bear this in mind, as soon as they try to penetrate God's supreme nature and imagine His infinite love, they will also carelessly surrender themselves to His guidance; they will act as their hearts urge them because they feel secure in God's guidance, because they know that His love will not let them go astray if they entrust themselves to Him .....

A loving God will never let His creatures go astray unless they reject His love. A loving God will neither leave them in the soul's adversity nor in earthly hardship if the human being takes refuge in His love. And thus it goes without saying that He reciprocates a person's love for Him, that His love seizes him and never ever wants to leave him, because His whole nature is profound love which is like a fire, like a light which radiates through everything, which wants to ignite everything that comes within the range of His emanation ..... Divine love is deep and intimate, it is always willing and always ready to forgive. And it constantly appeals for love in return.

But the human being is not able to reciprocate the profound divine love, and therefore he often doubts God's love by believing that people are left to themselves, by unbelievingly rejecting God's obvious activity, thus also questioning His care and love for people. Although he speaks of God's love, this is a figure of speech to him which will only be more to him when he himself begins to understand the essence of God, which is love in itself, through loving activity. Divine love has only one goal, to make His living creations happy, and even the greatest suffering serves this purpose, and if the human being fully and trustingly surrenders himself to God everything he is now granted will be an expression of His infinite love.

And this love will never let a human child fall prey to ruin which calls upon Him, which surrenders itself to Him, which desires His love and offers its weak strength to Him for service ..... Divine love will watch over such a person, it will gently guide him by the hand so that he will not stumble, it will mark his path on earth and constantly supply him with strength and give him the right knowledge. For love is of eternity and seeks to eternally guide the spiritual being to Itself, It seeks to impart the original strength to it again so that it will likewise become love and thereby penetrate ever deeper into the essence of divine love and that this is no mystery to the human being as soon as he himself is in love ....



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