Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2886 18.9.1943

Love doctrine of Christ ....
Right representatives ....
Faith struggle ....

Words of faith and love must be offered by those who are themselves in knowledge if they are to be effective on their fellow human beings, otherwise they are without strength and fall on their ears. And therefore the Gospel can only be offered by those, for they alone are able to impart strength to the words because they themselves became recipients of strength through the knowledge imparted to them. And this is the characteristic of a true representative of Christ on earth, that he can clearly explain all correlations as soon as people desire an explanation, that he can substantiate everything and that his explanations radiate wisdom, whereas the false representatives of Christ, who are not in truth themselves, only adhere to book knowledge which, however, usually lacks a context.

However, as soon as they themselves are permeated by the truth of what they preach, the words of faith and love will also fall on fertile ground, if love for one's neighbour determines the person to proclaim Christ's teaching of love. It is not so much about outward appearances as about educating people to love, for only through the working of love does the human being attain faith, truth and thus also knowledge, if he does not resist the latter through tenacious adherence to a false teaching despite inner urges to reject it. The Gospel shall be proclaimed to people, Christ's pure teaching of love shall be made accessible to them ...., yet what is currently offered to them is indisputably no longer the simple, clear and understandable teaching which Jesus Christ Himself gave to people on earth but everything bears the stamp of earthly thinking.

The divine has been interspersed with human accessories, the spiritual has been combined with earthly goals, and thus a church has been formed which has little claim to being founded by Jesus Christ. And the battle will constantly be for the additional human work, whereas the teaching of love of Christ of every denomination is the legacy of Christ, which will always and forever be recognised and therefore also promoted. Anyone who sees an organisation in Christ's church is not yet in the right knowledge, but he can nevertheless be a true representative of His teaching of love and work to bless humanity, only he cannot mature in knowledge himself and thus cannot impart the right knowledge to his fellow human beings either.

He cannot answer the many questions which a person seriously struggling for God and truth will ask when the difficult time of the battle of faith has begun, which demands a clear attitude from people but which he can only gain through knowledge which corresponds to truth. The knowledgeable person who can offer fellow human beings truthful enlightenment in an understandable way will have incomparably more success, he will be more likely to find faith, a faith which is convinced and will survive the difficult turmoil in the battle of faith. For only a firm conviction gives a person the strength to persevere until the end. And conviction can only be gained through pure truth but never through teachings permeated by error, even if they are offered by believing people, i.e. by people who strive towards God, thus are of a will turned towards God.

Error will always have a disintegrating effect, whereas truth has a joining together, supplementing and thus increasing knowledge. And increased knowledge gives the human being spiritual freedom, it gives him strength in the face of the world, and it secures his ascent upwards, it secures him a state of maturity which can never be reached by those who do not stand in truth, i.e. in right knowledge. They lack strength and their struggle is much more difficult if they have to prove themselves, if they are to stand up for their faith before the world ....



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