Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2888 19.9.1943

Beneficial consequences of spiritual exchange ....

Every spiritual exchange has beneficial consequences, for it gives the beings of light in the beyond the opportunity to have a mental effect on people who, stimulated by the exchange, think about it again and again. And through them questions are answered which they, so to speak, ask themselves and also believe to answer themselves, yet this answer is the whispering of those beings of light whose activity is the mental instruction of the charges entrusted to them. The human being should only contribute to the fact that spiritual questions are chosen as the content of an exchange of thoughts, then they already fulfil a task which is important for the individual's salvation of soul.

Even if they seem to have little success the beings of light can bring it about, for in tireless patience they now seek to impart knowledge to the human being. They take every opportunity to guide the human being's thinking such that it comes ever closer to the truth and that the human being now becomes ever more convinced to have found the right result. In this respect the human being on earth who initiates spiritual conversations is a co-helper of the spiritual beings whose work can now be significantly more successful. But on the other hand such conversations also contribute to the clarification of questions which were still disputed, and this alone is spiritual success.

The truth-seeking human being can be firmly convinced that he is being led towards the truth, even if he does not immediately recognise this. And God gives everyone answers to spiritual questions according to his abilities, i.e. to the extent that he is receptive to them, and thus he can mature in the truth even if it is not obvious to him, he only has to want to be offered the truth ..... This will is a prerequisite which, however, is also crowned by success ....



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