Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2889 21.9.1943

Serious examination in impartiality ....

Unteachable are the people who believe themselves to be knowledgeable, for they are inaccessible to all instruction. They do not demand what they think they possess, and therefore no wisdom can be imparted to them if they lack the will and the desire for it. A strict examination would make them suspicious, however, this examination must take place impartially, the human being must be willing to accept or reject to the best of his knowledge and conscience, but he must never only want to seek what he can reject.

And he must exercise the strictest criticism of himself. His will must be to serve God by wanting to serve the truth, by wanting to reject what is wrong and recognise the pure truth in order to pass on only the pure truth again. And an already existing knowledge is an obstacle to such a serious examination insofar as it keeps the human being too imprisoned. He does not want to give it up if it contradicts what he is supposed to examine.

And then there is only one way to induce him to accept the pure truth, that he himself becomes doubtful through events, that his previous knowledge no longer gives him support, that he is no longer able to bring it into harmony with his thinking. And therefore strong tests are necessary for these people, tests which shake his faith and cause him to doubt as long as he lacks the truth ..... For erroneous teachings will not be able to provide exhaustive clarification and therefore have to undergo correction, and only now is the human being inclined to acknowledge what he previously rejected, and he is suitable for an unbiased examination ....



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