Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2892 23.9.1943

Spiritual Sun ....
Flash from Rise to Decline ....

The sun of the spirit is about to rise, everywhere it sends its rays which shall awaken to life, everywhere it warms the hearts of those who enter its circle of light, and this is a sign of the approaching end, as it is proclaimed ..... The truth will shine like lightning, it will ignite and no longer need light because it is the light itself which comes from the heavens. The spiritual night which is spread over the earth will be displaced by the rays of the rising sun, for the light is stronger than the darkness ..... God Himself enlightens the hearts with His light, with His Word .... And therefore don't be afraid, you who want to belong to Him, who call upon Him in your soul's adversity, don't be afraid, for His love snatches you out of darkness, He lets the rays of His love fall into your heart so that you will learn to recognise Him, so that His light will awaken you to life.

In this hour the Lord of heaven and earth reveals Himself .... Take up the battle which will set you free from the bonds of the earthly world; let Me be your commander, fight with Me and for Me, and you will emerge as conquerors of death. Don't fear the world, don't let it lure you into whatever it wants to prepare for you; think of My love which can give you far more glorious things and destroy all promises of the world.

And therefore let yourselves be guided by My Father's hand, bear your earthly life in patience and surrender for a short time yet, and take your cross upon yourselves which My love will help you to bear when you are in danger of slackening .... I am the sun whose light you need .... I am the light that shines for you in the night .... I am the Truth and the Life .... you will live if you stand in the Truth; you will be able to escape the night of the spirit and be blessed when My Sun of Love shines through you, warming you and making you happy with its bright glow .... In many hearts I flare up like twitching lightning and try to ignite them, yet anyone who fearfully flees will not feel the strength of My fire of love, he will remain cold and close his doors and windows so that no ray will fall into his inner being, and deep night will remain around him.

A flash of lightning will shine from the rising to the setting .... where people are, there I will appear and reveal Myself to everyone, I will try to bring light to all people, the knowledge of pure truth .... I will reveal Myself in all places so that people can recognise that I Am and want to draw them to Me ..... From the rising to the setting My Word resounds in the hearts of loving, truth-seeking people who strive towards Me, and I announce the near end to all .... And therefore I first illuminate the path leading to Me, to My Father's heart, so that it is not dark and lightless but of radiant brightness, and therefore they cannot miss it if they don't close their eyes and prefer to walk in darkness.

And where a ray of My eternal sun shines there is blessed land, there you humans should gather, there you should let My rays of light take effect on you, you should accept the truth, the light from the heavens, and unhesitatingly abandon yourselves to the working of My grace ..... have I not given you the promise to send you My Spirit? My Spirit is the brightest light which must break through the darkest night, My Spirit is the emanation of Myself, Who is the original light from eternity .... and My Spirit will shine in the hearts where it is granted entrance ....

My spirit is not localised, it is everywhere where there is desire for light, but it cannot shine where the human being shuns the light because he feels comfortable in the darkness of spirit. I, as the eternal light, also radiate light .... My spirit which I pour out upon people who want to receive it and strive towards Me. And if My spirit enlightens them they will likewise be bearers of light, they will rise like the spiritual sun in the heaven of life, they will send out their rays, they will bring light and warmth to all who want to escape the dark night, and they will awaken to life what is dead and lifeless and awaits revival. For they have accepted the light from Me, they have opened their hearts and granted Me entrance. I have kindled a bright flame in them and let the spiritual sun shine for them, which will never ever lose its glow ....



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