Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2896 25.9.1943

Spiritual co-workers on earth ....
Fight ....

You still have a difficult path to travel and must prepare yourselves for your ministry if you want to serve Me. And therefore I demand that you use all your strength, I demand that you overcome yourselves and test yourselves beforehand so that you will become sturdy instruments for Me in the last days of the battle. And this battle will be difficult, it will be waged against you with all severity, and you will only pass it if you call upon Me for help. And therefore you must remain intimately united with Me, you must not allow yourselves to be taken captive by the world, you must constantly draw strength from My Word, and you must not become lukewarm and sluggish but strive for perfection with utmost eagerness.

You must use every hour to work for Me, and every Word shall testify to Me and My love, you must make your spiritual striving your purpose in life, you must constantly feel like My co-workers on earth who have to accomplish great work, and you must not miss any time, for it is approaching its end and therefore requires eager activity. If you want to be of service to Me, then all your efforts must only be directed towards helping your fellow human beings in their spiritual adversity, towards bringing their souls to Me, towards instructing them and conveying My will to them.

You must make this work with souls your concern that nothing can turn you away from it, and you must sincerely appeal for My blessing so that I will lead you by the hand and guide your steps towards those whom you shall win for Me. And your love should always be for the erring souls, and where you can help them you should be ready in serving selflessness. And if you speak then submit yourselves to My spirit so that I Myself can speak through you and win My sheep. I take part in every experience if you submit it to Me, I pay attention to the smallest impulse in you which applies to Me and strengthen your will, and I also allow temptations to approach you so that you shall overcome them and thereby increase your strength of resistance .....

For you will need it in the time to come, you will have to struggle for profound, unshakeable faith and join Me ever more firmly if you want to stand firm and remain victorious in the battle which is meant for Me and My Word and which you shall fight out .... And therefore prepare yourselves, strengthen yourselves time and again with My Word, don't slacken in your striving upwards and constantly strive for perfection ...., then My grace and My blessing will accompany you, and My love will supply you with unlimited strength ....



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