Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2901 28.9.1943

Cruelties ....
End Times ....
Last Judgment ....

A time of unusual events will keep people in constant excitement, for now the time of the most severe battle is dawning and the harbingers of the end times are making themselves felt. As it has been proclaimed before, so it will come to pass. Chaos will become ever greater, earthly hardship will increase, people will lose all hope, tribulation will set in and the spiritual low will sink ever lower, for people will become ever more unloving and harm themselves in every way. Selfish love will prevail and only one's own advantage will be considered in every action, and the hardship will become ever greater as a result.

And events will overtake each other, things will happen which no-one would have thought possible before ..... Satan rages amongst humanity and seeks to ruin it, people offer their hand to the greatest atrocities, they will stop at nothing out of selfishness and animalistic desires, they take revenge in a way which is inhuman and they don't impose any inhibitions on themselves. And this is the time when great demands are made on people's sense of justice, when they have to decide for right or wrong, when they should draw sharp boundaries, when the divine commandments are transgressed ...., when they should therefore not tolerate what violates these commandments, i.e. they should not approve of it by remaining silent or even agreeing.

It is the time when divine intervention is unavoidable in order to put an end to blatant unkindness, for this degenerates into the worst cruelty. What has never happened on earth before will now take place, and the events will follow each other in quick succession because there is not much time left until the end. But this is dreadful .... And therefore God will still shake people's hearts beforehand and try to make them think, and thus He will let them participate in the fate of the whole of humanity. He does not prevent people from tearing each other apart, and the world will experience things which are unimaginable in their magnitude and cruelty. For it is the time of the end and this one time of horror which can only be surpassed by the last Judgment which, however, will not come upon the earth on the part of people but is merely an act of divine justice in order to put an end to the nameless injustices ....



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