Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2902 29.9.1943

Grace of the work of redemption ....
Strengthened will ....

Through the grace of the divine work of redemption, the human being's will is decisive as to whether he receives the strength to carry it out. Whoever acknowledges Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world, whoever regards His death on the cross as suffered for the whole of humanity, whoever believes that the man Jesus, Who had an abundance of power and strength at His disposal through His work of love, freely offered the sacrifice of atonement to God in order to redeem people from their guilt of sin .... .... anyone who, through this faith, places himself in the circle of those for whom Christ died on the cross .... need only want to reach God, to reach the goal for the sake of which he is on earth, then he will also receive strength for the sake of Jesus Christ and his path will be the right one before God.

Faith in the act of Salvation builds a barrier for the adversary which he cannot break down, and never again can a person go astray and take the wrong path, never again can he fall prey to the forces of darkness if this faith is alive in him. .... "He who believes in Me has eternal life ...." Jesus Christ broke the power of the adversary through His death on the cross, He bought people a strengthened will so that all who believe in Him and have the will to do what is right before God can feel the grace of the act of Salvation, the strengthened will upwards, which now also brings them the strength for a right way of life on earth.

Only the human being's will should freely decide for or against God; but where Christ is rejected as Redeemer of the world and Son of God, there the will will also be fickle, for the adversary still possesses his full power towards him and does not allow the human being's will to be carried out. But the human being himself is too weak to offer resistance, for he is still in the bonds of the power which works against God.

The human being in his weakness would have completely fallen prey to his power if Jesus Christ had not set him free through His act of Salvation, but he also has to acknowledge this and thereby acquire the entitlement that Christ also died for him ..... And thus he has to make use of the blessings of the act of Salvation, then he will be victorious over the power which wants to distance him from God. The will towards God and faith in Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world is the only decisive factor, and then a person need never fear to miss the right path. God Himself leads him by the hand, Who embodied Himself on earth in Jesus Christ in order to redeem people who are of good will ....



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