Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Proof of Faith Love - Wisdom and Omnipotence ....

The believing human being does not need any evidence for his faith because the essence of the eternal Deity, i.e. Its love, wisdom and omnipotence, is reason enough for everything he is required to believe. God's love is the first thing that is recognisable everywhere, it is, as it were, the cause of all visible things because they all have a purpose which always consists of a useful purpose ..... This demonstrates love for the created, for the purpose is always the preservation or existence of the same .... And profound wisdom can always be recognised where love has become active.

And every work of creation proves God's omnipotence .... To Whom it is possible to create such, Whose love and omnipotence cannot be doubted, Whose existence is enough to give rise to a faith in the human being which is profound and unshakeable even without any evidence. For the evidence which the Creator provides to people is convincing enough to also let people believe everything else which is taught through His messengers, through His true representatives on earth.

As soon as God is acknowledged as the Creator of all things, the faith in His love, wisdom and omnipotence is also unlimited, and in humble devotion the human being regards himself as a created being which His will called into existence by virtue of His love, and he seeks to become worthy of this love by doing everything his Creator requires of him ..... He accepts His commandments and endeavours to live in accordance with them; he believes in his immortality, in his continued existence after physical death; he believes that he has to fulfil his destiny in order to become blissfully happy; he believes that everything that happens, that is and that is yet to come are means for the human being to reach his final goal .... the reunion with God .... he believes that God's love embodied itself in Jesus Christ in order to make people's earthly path easier.

For he always and everywhere sees God's love, wisdom and omnipotence, and nothing appears unfounded to him. And therefore his faith is profound and alive, it drives him to restless activity on himself, he seeks to ennoble himself because he recognises himself as imperfect, and he lives in accordance with God's will because he believes ..... And thus he also recognises the divine revelations as God's Word, for again it is faith in His love, wisdom and omnipotence which substantiates them, and therefore it is also easy for him to comply with the divine commandments because he has no doubts, because he only ever has the goal in mind, which God's love has set for His living creations, because he acknowledges God's wisdom with which He tries to guide His living creations to the goal, and because he recognises the most powerful Creator of heaven and earth in everything that surrounds him and thus God's love, wisdom and omnipotence is evidence for him which makes him believe with all firmness .... ...



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