Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2909 4.10.1943

Influence of the light beings on willing people ....

The luminous spiritual constantly participates in the development of the unredeemed and exerts its influence on them. Thus people are also surrounded by beings belonging to the kingdom of light, but whether they can make themselves heard depends on the will of the individual and on his attitude towards God and his way of life. The God-remote human being will never be accessible to the beings of light and their whispers, for the voice of the world will drown them out. But if the human being is connected to God, then he is also connected to the beings of light and he opens himself to their spiritual currents of strength.

The beings of light know about the hardship of the time and they seek to bring enlightenment everywhere. They often make use of willing people who now feel driven to have spiritual conversations. For they can only transfer their strength, their knowledge, to those people who open themselves, i.e. who let their thoughts wander into spiritual regions. As long as the human being remains on earth in thought, as long as he only pays attention to earthly things, the beings of light cannot express themselves mentally, although they stay in the closest proximity of the human being who is entrusted to their protection.

They certainly influence events, they bring people together or prevent them from coming together and intervene in people's destinies, often even very painfully, because they only pursue the one goal of stimulating them into mental activity in order to then be able to assert their mental influence. For their nature is love, and this love prompts them to be untiringly active in order to help the still unfree souls to spiritual freedom. And therefore it is particularly welcome to them when they have spiritual co-workers on earth, people who are united with God and thus already have knowledge and use every opportunity to talk to their fellow human beings about spiritual things.

For now they too can intervene in the questioner's train of thought, they can give him the right answer through the mouth of the person who gives them the opportunity to do so. For even if the spiritual beings of light possess great strength and power they still have to observe the laws on earth which have to remain in place for the sake of the still immature beings and can only express themselves within the framework of the natural, which is also the case when a human being speaks in His place ..... Yet this person's thinking must be entirely under His influence, which is also self-evident due to his attitude towards God. God Himself works on these people through His messengers, through the beings of light, as soon as the human being, in love for God, also submits to His will and thus does not resist if God wants to make use of him in order to help the still ignorant people on earth.

Hence the illuminated spiritual substance is always close to earth and especially close to people who are in contact with the spiritual kingdom precisely because of their will and their love for God ..... And together they work with these people to help the erring souls to realisation, to spiritual freedom ....



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