Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2911 6.10.1943

Signs and Wonders ....
Faith Power ....
Strong will ....

By virtue of the spiritual strength which can flow to a person he will be able to do things which appear supernatural as soon as he uses the strength correctly, i.e. lets his will become active to accomplish it. The will can only become a deed when the strength joins it ..... Faith in the divine spiritual strength will allow stronger strength to be requested, and then the human being need only want the strength to unite with him, to make him able to carry out deeds, and he will be able to accomplish everything with the support of spiritual strength. It was the spiritual's original state to be active in creating and shaping, and it can reach this original state again at any time if its will is strong enough.

Its imperfection now means at the same time weakened will, which therefore never strives for this original state. But as soon as the human being is aware of his shortcomings, as soon as he strives again for height, for perfection, his will also increases in strength, and now he consciously opens himself to the strength which has flowed through him from the beginning and which is also now available to him again unmeasured according to his will, which, however, must be turned towards God. The strength of the will also determines the amount of strength flowing towards him. And thus the human being can accomplish everything as soon as he submits his will to God with complete devotion to Him. Then God's will is also his will, and he is now able to accomplish supernatural things through his faith ..... This faith, this strengthened will and the fullest devotion to God will come to light through signs and wonders in the time of the battle of faith.

The adversity of the time will give birth to a strong will in the believers that the strength of the divine spirit will manifest itself, for they will fully surrender themselves to God, leave themselves to His guidance and His working. And God Himself will now be able to work through His Own .... the human being will accomplish things which would otherwise be impossible for him .... miracles will happen through and to people which shall spur them on to faith again, because they confirm the strength of faith, because they testify for God and for the divine teaching .....

People are permeated by God's spirit and therefore nothing they want will be impossible for them, they will be able to put everything into practice by virtue of faith. For their striving towards God has reached a degree that people can no longer deter them; their faith is of such strength that it can move mountains, and God Himself is with them ..... He will not let their faith be put to shame .... It is God Himself Who works through people because they have completely surrendered to Him and there is no longer any obstacle which could make God's working impossible .... because people strive for perfection and this will alone enables them to achieve great things ....



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