Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2917 10.10.1943

Will to do good ....
Increased strength ....

The will for good will also let increased strength flow to the soul to overcome the body's desires, for the human being's free will will always be taken into account, the currents of strength will always be stronger or weaker according to this will, the transmission of strength through the bearers of light on earth as well as in the spiritual kingdom is of such different strength, because the soul first has to open itself in order to receive it, and this opening is only ever the result of the will. And thus the will turned towards the good, thus towards God, will accept every flow of strength without resistance, the human being will be ready to receive what God's love offers him.

And then the soul can also mature, it can, unhindered by the body, join the spirit within itself, it will not have to fear any counteraction because the body also joins this striving and is no longer so accessible to the temptations through the world, even if they still often approach it in order to test and increase the strength of will. And thus the less resistance the light bearers' activity is now opposed to, the more successful the earthly change is for the soul, for it begins to loosen its fetters, it strives towards the freedom of the spirit, and it only uses the last time of its earthly life to overcome matter, which also earns it an easy detachment from form when its earthly career is over.

The human being, however, can determine himself, he can turn to every strength, the good as well as the bad, he is not hindered but only guided in loving care, so that it is easy for him to turn to God. But whether he develops the good in himself depends on his will, and therefore he is also responsible for his will, he is, as it were, the shaper of his will and also has to take the effect upon himself, for it is also brought home to him in all situations of life that and why he should decide for God in the last stage of his development.

He is never without knowledge of this, for if this knowledge does not come to him from outside through instructions, through the divine Word, he can also hear it from within through the voice of his conscience which originally instructs him loudly and audibly but which can also be silenced by his own will. If, however, the soul succeeds in making the body will-less, i.e., in completely aligning its desire with the soul's desire, then the soul will use its entire will for good, then it will constantly strive upwards and accept the impartation of strength from the spiritual kingdom, which will result in its spiritual perfection, for the strength from the spiritual kingdom inevitably leads upwards ....



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