Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2919 11.10.1943

Power of prayer ....

If you want to pass the test of earthly life, take part in all the hardships and worries of your fellow human beings and remain in prayer .... i.e., always and constantly request the strength from above without which you are incapable of accomplishing even the smallest thing for God's pleasure ...., for you are weak creatures as long as you lack maturity of soul, you don't have your own strength at your disposal but you have to request it from God, Who certainly intended it for you in the beginning but did not prevent you when you deprived yourselves of this strength. You rejected a gift which made you exceedingly happy and now you have to struggle to receive this gift again. And therefore you must pray and practise love, and both will earn you strength, depending on the intensity of your prayer and the depth and unselfishness of your love for your neighbour.

If you ignore this, your struggle on earth will be unspeakably difficult if you desire to ascend, or you will be supplied with strength by God's adversary which, although it will make your earthly life easier, can never lead you upwards but will inevitably drive you towards the abyss. Use the power of prayer .... Thus stay in contact with God and open yourselves to His emanation of strength. This is of such great importance and yet so little is recognised and followed by people. You should only request spiritual goods; the strength from God, however, is spiritual good and therefore you may always and constantly request it; and God will not let your prayer go unheard, for His concern is your perfection for which you absolutely need the strength, because without it you are weak creatures who cannot help yourselves on their own.

And then you will also be able to carry out works of neighbourly love, you will be driven from within to constantly do good, your heart will take an interest in your neighbour's fate, it will be soft and sensitive to the other person's adversity and you will always be willing to help and try to alleviate the hardship. Spiritually and earthly you will want to help them and also be able to do so if you request the strength from God, which He will not deny you. For you can only mature and fulfil your earthly task through loving activity. Therefore, don't let up in prayer, stay in constant contact with God, plead for strength and power for your earthly life and trustingly hand yourselves over to the Father in heaven, Who guides His children through suffering and adversity towards the light. ....



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