Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2920 11.10.1943

Consolation ....
Source of strength ....
Leader in battle ....

Anyone who professes the pure truth, who accepts without hesitation what he is commanded from above and who thus considers himself taught by God Himself, no longer has to fear a decline and his soul need not fear what is to come. His faith gives him strength, for faith in God's working will become particularly strong in him when he is harassed by the unbelievers who want to prove their earthly power to him. Then he will trustingly call upon the One Whose Word he heard long before; he will turn his gaze to where the truth was imparted to him.

He will approach the spiritual beings who have instructed him for their special protection, and he will arm himself against all attacks of the adversary with the power of the divine Word; because he recognises the pure truth he will also be able to stand up for it, and he will stand undaunted in the midst of the battle and fear nothing whatever is done against him. And God has opened up this source of strength for people in order to give them security in the battle against the greatest enemy of their souls. But understandably only that person will approach the coming time completely calmly who, through the divine Word, has already penetrated the knowledge of the origin, the past fall and the complete redemption.

Nothing frightens him anymore because he knows that people make no effort of their own to shape themselves such that God will be pleased with them, and therefore he also knows that there is only a short time left until the approaching end and that humanity will not make proper use of this time and therefore has to be made aware of God's working through obvious evidence.

And this is why God brings the truth closer to people in a way which, admittedly, only appeals to those who do not doubt that the heavenly Father cares for His children with love and who therefore acknowledge His obvious working without hesitation and therefore feel the power of the divine Word in themselves. These will be people's spiritual guides when the battle against faith erupts, and they will also successfully represent the true faith to their fellow human beings, for anyone who has once recognised it correctly, who knows the truth and never doubts God's love and grace, will inevitably come closer to God, he has to mature through the truth which originates in God .....



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